Trump is an uncomfortable mystery to Raul Castro

This is the point of no return in the fictitious process of change. The rules are clear. The actors play their roles. The mission was a complete success. President Barack Obama has opened up the world for the Castro regime, the Castro regime has opened the world. Only the Cubans did not open.

Totalitarian franchise castrism reached its highest indices in the world of oppression. The method of transition from democracy to dictatorship (or dictatorship to the dictatorship) includes a method of transition from “non-market” dictatorship “market”. In a time when all political, military and economic levers are in the hands of the family of Raul Castro, this method also involves the transfer of power from immediate family to distant.

Cancellation policy of “dry feet/ wet feet” only strengthened the position of Raul in the negotiations in the area of illegal immigration. The end of the special status Cuban migrants also means the end of its ideological exclusivity. It remains to see whether the closure of the exhaust valve to increase the pressure of the opposition or opportunistic transaction with the dictatorship. Poetically expressed, the truth is that after three generations of Cubans who lived under castrism, the inhabitants of the Island of Freedom are born with horror in the blood. If prose, then this is destructive and paralyzing immorality inscribed in their ethical code. Grain civil liability of the New Man suffocating in a cynical conditions of parasitic existence, fueled on both sides dependence on the Almighty state and the dependence on remittances from abroad.

Cuba has already changed. Raul managed to create a large stratum of private owners, serving the elite and foreign tourists. Hostages capricious legislation and, like all other Cubans, opinions of the state Security, these “protovision” inhibit political development and serve as a propaganda screen to the thesis of an open economy. While Obama dines at famous Havana restaurant, police officers on the street beat up sellers of avocados. A major transaction go directly to the ruling elite, so as not to lose a single cent. Meanwhile, the main contenders for the “throne” waiting behind the scenes: starring Alejandro Castro.

With the Communist party, who never knew of the split; from the National Assembly, not shivava not a single vote against it; with a bureaucracy that pays for the right to steal; calendarcontrol the Catholic Church, the intelligentsia, which sings of slavery; with the collaborationist sector in the reference, with the repressive apparatus, which controls everything, from meetings of occultists to the General’s bedroom, Raoul will probably soon be able to afford to legalize “loyal opposition”, which will bring a monotonous panorama of slavery a new figure of a policeman dressed as a civilian.

This is almost the perfect equation to win, Hillary Clinton would be a constant effort Democrats aimed to turn Cuba into a state-branch, like Vietnam, providing enrichment and presence in power of the Castro family. But won Donald trump. And now to solve the mystery. While we can imagine the end of American politics, not too hostile to the dictatorship, which was inconclusive since 1959, as well as a policy of outright support for the dictatorship, which also did not produce results in 2014.