Creating a tribe of white men

Zapollo reader writes: “I’m a white male. Educated and intelligent lover of art-house movie, coffee and classic Blues. From the outside I probably look like a typical leftist and a hipster.

However, recently I start to draw some ideas of alternative right. Of course, I know all about them — I have enough for this and brains, and awareness. However, they still evoke some sympathy, because now I’m — although neither the authorities nor the privileges I have — constantly and from all sides say I am a cancer, the main problem of the country and blame literally everything.

I belong to the members of the lower middle class. I have never had a new car, I save on repairs and he try to repair everything that breaks at my house. I mow your lawn, yourself my dishes, wear clothes from Walmart and can’t even imagine how I’m going to retire. If we are to believe our press, I’m just drowning in undeserved power and privileges, and America would be much better, cleaner and kinder, when I finally kick the bucket.

Honestly, against this background, a statement of alternative right — just a warm, relaxing bath. The same “safe space”, if you will. Yes, part of their ideology I hate, but the idea that being a white man is okay and that we can be proud of yourself, VERY seductive, and every time I need some intellectual effort to resist their charm. And even without taking the ideology as a whole, I still continue to read these people, because the rest of them and then declare me the root of all evil in this world. If even I, a very cultural and educated, it is difficult to resist the charm of some ideas, then I believe that for many others to stand up to him is almost impossible.


It is striking that the majority of the left seemed not to realize and continue by all means to cultivate the appropriate mood. They easily understand and even justify the sympathy of disgruntled black men to aggressive black radicalism. They don’t mind overt racism of “La Race”. So why can’t they put themselves in the place of disgruntled white men and understand why he’s attracted to something in the same spirit? Or still can — but then why are they with such contempt to speak about it? Is that the way they would react, say, to black, to join “Nation of Islam”?


I’m sorry, but the version we have only two. Either you are in favor of some form of universalism and seek to unite everyone, or rival tribes. The third is not given. Don’t want universalism — then you have to accept the fact that it is a necessary part of the political spectrum are various forms of open white nationalism. They are not obliged to like anyone, but you have to accept their existence and to get used to the inevitable ensuing violence and conflict.


Frankly, if the left will forget his “politics of identity” that they themselves are to blame for what will happen next. Many of us don’t want and never wanted to live in a tribal society. But young people, fascinated by the ideas of white nationalism, will play by the rules, that is, and will strive to win. Do not say I did not warn you”.
Please pay attention to these words. This is important.

Addition from another reader:

“I understand very well that this man has in mind. We have a lot in common with him: I am also a white heterosexual male of the Christian religion, but in addition also a southerner. Besides, I enrolled in Humanities graduate school — one of those areas where my demographic profile regularly and openly declare the source of all world evil. So I can say, watching what is happening from the first row. And I absolutely agree with the author.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed in the conversation with his wife that in recent months, the antics of the left made me more racist, sexist and homophobic than I ever imagined before. I not like it myself, so I try to look after themselves and to prevent reflex reactions (and as a Christian I must first seek to love our neighbors), however, the leftists, unlike me, do not. They don’t seem to understand that their behavior turn moderate and inclined to compromise people like me into a full-fledged radical reactionaries. Now I am willing to listen to ideas that previously would have just turned away. I don’t consider myself a standard of rationality and self-control, but I am worried that, even if I am willing to consider (carefully and critically) some of these ideas, and there are people who blindly believe in them — or just consider that the circumstances leave no other choice. If leftists want tribal societies, so I’ll be on the side of his tribe. First and foremost is, of course, means Church, but in the future will probably involve some other community — nothing good obviously does not Bode well”.