Cold in Portugal? Now imagine minus 50 degrees in Oymyakon

Oymyakon is located in Russia and is considered the coldest on Earth, a place populated by people. In winter the average temperature in the village is about 50 degrees below zero.

Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited regions of the planet. To survive, its inhabitants (about 920 people) have day-to-day to defy the harsh climatic conditions. In the last days in the village in the East of Siberia was record high temperature: up to 70 degrees below zero Celsius.

On the official website of the region you can get tourist information and read tips on how to survive in the place where the ice turns all unprotected areas of the body, including tears and hair. Despite this, Oymyakon attracts an average of 400 tourists per year.

About this inhospitable place in the Republic of Sakha filmed a number of documentary films, and describes its many interesting facts: for example, funerals in Ojmjakon last three days, because the land necessary to build a fire to thaw the ground.

The village is located a few hundred kilometers from the Arctic circle and in winter at least during one month, the children do not go to school. They are allowed to play outside when the temperature is below minus 49°C, but no more than 20 minutes. If the refrigerators to residents in fact do not need, at home they have to face other problems, such as when drying clothes. Left in the cold, it instantly freezes.

In winter, when the thermometer drops below minus 60°C, planes not allowed to fly over this area, and this year all flights are canceled until spring. Nearest to the village, the city, Yakutsk, is located in 929 kilometers, but in the area there are five settlements, which are home to a total of about five thousand inhabitants. Winter starts in October when the temperature ranges between minus 15 and minus 20 ° C, and continued for five months. Daylight lasts five or six hours. May climatic conditions change, comes heat, and in July, the hottest month, the thermometer can rise up to 34°C.

But as people keep warm in this harsh winter? In addition to special clothing, designed for cold, the house has Central heating, which is 24 hours a day and maintains boiler room. It ensures, for example, the water supply to prevent freezing in pipes. The people of the region are mainly engaged in extraction of ore, particularly gold and metals. The breeding of cattle is another popular activity in this icy edge.

In 2015, the photographer from New Zealand Chappel Amos (Amos Chapple) went to Oymyakon and made a series of pictures of the village. The most severe winter in Oymyakon was observed in 1924, when there was recorded temperature of minus 71.2 degrees.