Parubiy said, who can stop Russia

To resist the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation can no one organization than NATO, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy.

“During the aggression of Russia against Ukraine, Ukraine has made one conclusion – Putin’s Russia can be stopped only through joint coordinated actions. Russia will stop only where it will stop,” – said paruby, speaking at a meeting of the NATO parliamentary Assembly on Monday in Tbilisi.

“To date, there is no other international organization than NATO, which is able to do it. Only a strong, expanded European Union, and there is no alternative”, – said the speaker.

He said that the daily the Kremlin throws new challenges to global security. Paruby reminded that Montenegro officially stated about attempts of Russian secret services to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO, as well as to intervene in the elections in the United States, France, and Germany. Also, he mentioned cyber attacks on government bodies and political parties, spread through the propaganda channels of disinformation and North Atlantic integration of the new States.

“All this is aimed at destroying the unity of NATO, to sow conflict within Europe, these activities are intended to sow conflict between Europe and the USA”, – said the speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The conviction Parubiy, the Kremlin seeks to regain the influence which had during the cold war and the Soviet Union.

Earlier Parubiy said that Russia is conducting intensive militarization of the occupied Crimea.