The Gambia Treasury was empty after the expulsion of the former President

The public Treasury had been empty after the resignation of President Yahya Jammeh, expelled from the country. This was stated Sunday, January 22, the new head of state Adam barrow, reports Reuters.

“According to information we received, the money in the Treasury not. That’s what we were told. Tomorrow after my actual joining in the post we will clarify all of this,” said barrow.

Earlier on 22 January, troops of the Economic community of West African countries (ECOWAS) under the greetings of local residents came to the capital of the Gambia, Banjul and occupied the presidential compound.

January 21, Jammeh left Gambia and went into exile in Equatorial Guinea. Before that he was under pressure from the international community resigned and ceded power to the winner of the presidential election Adam barrow.

Jammeh, who lost in the December presidential elections, barrow, was to transfer power barrow on January 19, but instead introduced a state of emergency, although previously conceded defeat.

The international community, which claims Jammeh did not approve, neighbors of the Gambia began a military intervention. Thursday, January 19, in the Gambian Embassy in Senegal’s capital Dakar was inaugurated barrow. On the same day, a contingent of the ECOWAS bombed military targets of the Gambia, unopposed. On the night of January 20, Senegal and Nigeria have declared the entry of his troops into this country.

The UN security Council a few hours before unanimously adopted a resolution in support of barrow, which allows ECOWAS to do everything necessary to ensure a change of government in the Gambia.