Main autonovelties 2017: sports coupe for a spy, and super saver hybrid

The global automotive industry is structured to constantly stir the interest of potential customers to new products. Hide them, but the “spy” photos anticipated cars galore get on the Internet much before the official presentations. Stiff competition forces manufacturers to constantly improve even the best-selling models: more power, more torque, less liters “hundred” less harmful emissions, more safety… And so — from year to year.

Was no exception and just come 2017, which will give us a lot of autonomies. Part of them can already be seen in formal presentations or in the form of concept cars — still in the autumn during the Frankfurt auto show, but we all know that between the exhibition and exhibit the appearance of a novelty on the world market may take more than one month. And a number of new products you can “spy” under the protective film, deliberately hiding the true shape of the car from the camera lenses. But to hide is that: a autonovelties very original and will not become consumer goods, even after serial production.

Nissan Pathfinder: more power

of 1 200 000 UAH

Updated “Pathfinder” (this is translated the name of this large SUV), disguised with camouflage elements, were seen on U.S. roads in the late summer of last year, the producers hid from photographers front and back of the body. Today we know that Pathfinder 2017 model year received a new grille, bumpers, optics and mirrors. Front and rear kits have become more visible that with increased size of the body gave the car more massive and aggressive look — this despite the fact that Pathfinder had previously been big and muscular.

Changes in the interior can be noted even more spacious and comfortable interior, which received superior materials and a large color palette. All seats, including passenger, heated. Also the heating is integrated in the steering wheel to the driver even in the most severe frosts it was comfortable to drive from the first seconds. And for the interior comfort meets climate control, running
in three directions.

Despite the increase in size, weight Pathfinder “thinner” by as much as 230 kg, which in combination with 270-horsepower base motor has allowed to improve dynamics while reducing fuel consumption. Accurate data are not disclosed, but previously announced savings of up to 30% compared to the previous generation. Nissan’s engineers also added a high stability and are prone to delay the body, equipping the car more rigid dampers.

“Pathfinder.” Became more muscular and stable, with “thinner” by as much as 230 kg.

Alfa Romeo Giulia: lightning and “stuff”

price unknown

New sport sedan with a beautiful name Guilia the collection is presented as a high-tech super-modern car, having gathered all the achievements. The exterior of the car ensures high attention on the road: large and stylish front bumper, a slightly “narrowed” lights with led filling, massive air intake. The active rear spoiler is configured so that at high speeds the car pressed to the road, thus providing better traction with the road surface.

The interior is made in sporty style: comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support, a large speedometer and tachometer. In finishing salon applied a variety of materials: natural and artificial leather, aluminum, carbon fiber fabric inserts. Already in the initial configuration are present massager, cooling and heated seats, dual-zone climate control, multimedia system of the new generation, all kinds of electronic security system.

It is known that the car will receive a wide selection of both gasoline and diesel engines, and the most “charged” equipment will be equipped with three-liter six-cylinder Twin Turbo, capable of delivering 510 HP He, incidentally, borrowed from Mazeratti Ghibli. This motor propels the Alfa Romeo Giulia to “hundreds” at lightning speed, in just 3.8 seconds.

“The Italian”. The rear spoiler is configured so that at high speeds the car clung to the road.

Mazda RX-9: as a hybrid

price unknown

Premiere of the new sports coupe from Mazda is only expected, so the cost is still unknown. But even at the available photos and technical characteristics can make a confident conclusion that she will bite.

The key feature of this new sports car, compared to the current RX-8, rotary engine SkyActive. The manufacturer plans to bring its key performance indicators — fuel consumption and harmful substances in the exhaust — to the performance of hybrid engines. The motor needs to develop 300 horsepower.

And for even faster compared to the previous version, overclocking will greatly reduce the overall vehicle weight through the application of modern lightweight materials.

It should be noted that 2017, the year chosen for the release of the new sports coupe is no coincidence that this year marks 50 years since the introduction of the model CosmoSport in which for the first time a Japanese manufacturer was applied in the rotary-piston engine.

Like James bond. Driving is easy to imagine the superspy.

Renault Megane: for steep turns

from 320 to 500 UAH

The fourth generation Megane got the exterior looks similar to the flagship model of Renault Talisman. As compared to the previous generation first sight can be noted a much larger grille, new bumpers, spoiler and lights, more sloping roof and a new rear overhang. The wheelbase increased by 28 mm, which should give more space in the cabin, especially the rear-seat passengers.
The interior received new, more comfortable seats and an improved instrument panel, and is also more expensive (at least in appearance) finish materials.

The base 1.2-litre petrol engine news develops 130 HP thanks to turbocharging. Except it will be available diesel engines of 110 and 130 HP, while the “charged” version will get a 220-horsepower engine. Expected hybrida version of the Renault Megane, which promises to spend a hundred kilometers about three liters of gasoline. ABS, airbags, a rear vision camera included in the basic package of the car, like the special mounts for a car seat. And for fans of the sport versions will be available modification Megane GT, which has received a completely redesigned body kit and grille, and stylish 18-inch wheels. And that’s not all: in combination with the 205-horsepower engine, the GT version for the first time in the class is equipped with four-wheel drive 4Control, well-proven in the Renault Laguna. In addition to this, Megane got reinforced brakes and a stiffer suspension for better handling in tight turns.

For reliability. Received heavy duty brakes and stiffer suspension.

Suzuki Ignis: the new class

$13 600*

Externally, this car is almost an exact copy of the concept iM-4, presented last year at the auto show in Geneva. Despite the fact that it’s a hatchback, thanks to enlarged almost up to 180 mm ground clearance and massive exterior the impression that this is a crossover. The Japanese called the class to which Ignis 2017, the New Compact Multi — Suzuki Ignis aims to become the founder of this class. And some elements of “appearance” was actually borrowed from the SUV, including large-scale bumpers.

The new interior is minimalist, but under the seeming simple interior there is a serious technical “stuffing”, and the bright panels of leather lend the cabin presentable. Convenient instrument panel, multi-function steering wheel — that’s not all: already in the basic version the car is equipped with six airbags, the function of recognition of the road marking system, prevents frontal collisions. Multimedia center with a navigation module. But the other technical details of the novelty, the Japanese have not been disclosed. It is assumed that the base version of the Ignis is equipped with an economical 90-horsepower gasoline engine, and the fans of sports style of driving will be able to choose one of the more powerful turbocharged engines.

*This is the value of the car in Japan. How much will it cost in Ukraine is unknown.

Compact “Japanese”. Hatchback-like crossover.

Audi RS-1: a real “athlete”

1 140 000 UAH

This autonovelties very memorable appearance: the predatory massive front bumper with an imposing grille, bonnet with angular edges, stylish optics, wheel arches, under inflated 18-inch wheels and a body kit. Pronounced sporty exterior is combined with an equally sporty interior design. The car is equipped with two-liter gasoline TFSI, which in this version will give 300 HP and 400 N. M. torque that make it easy to CD-the hatchback to accelerate to “hundreds” in just 5 seconds. The novelty will be available as three-door and five-door versions.

“The dude.” Will be sold in 3-door and 5-door variant.

LADA Largus became more passable

from 220 000 UAH

This wagon is strikingly similar to the known to us already many years of the Renault Logan. But in his arrangement, the manufacturer promises other racks, extra rear springs, new body kit and 16-inch wheels. In the end, he will get the much needed on our roads extra inches of clearance — it will be 175 mm. the changes will affect the engine. The manufacturer does not disclose tehokaluste, we only know that the volume of engines will remain the same, and their sustainability will conform to the standards EURO-5. Updated Largus will be different and more serious options: 2 airbags, Central locking, heated front seats and mirrors, ABS with customize feature effort, the split-system.

Universal. Now, with a major clearance of 175 mm.

Toyota Highlander

from 1 300 000 UAH

Highlander is available for nearly 17 years (premiered at the new York motor show in 2000) and during this time, visually not much has changed. I wonder what’s new in the latest restyled large crossover from Toyota?

Changes in exterior bumpers touched, the front optics, rear lights. Thanks to them the car looks more elegant, but at the same time not lost of recognition: all the details of the external appearance, characteristic only for the Highlander, remained intact.

Interior apparently not received significant changes, but at the same time, the manufacturer began to apply for seats of more modern materials with increased lifetime. The novelty has received a new multimedia system with an 8.1-inch touch screen audio system with 12 speakers. The screen is designed not only for watching videos, it is possible to deduce important information: monitoring driving navigation or to access the Internet. Not to mention 8 airbags.

The basic version of the new Highlander features a 2.7-liter 185-horsepower engine, and the “top” version under the hood is a 3.5-liter V6 power of 270 forces.

“Survivor”. Now from more modern materials.