What do ordinary Americans

It’s been almost a year since the FBI began the investigation of Russian interference in the presidential election. During this time, the direction of the investigation has changed several times. Now, investigators began to study the relationships between Russia on the one hand, and helpers trump and members of his campaign staff on the other. And they’re trying to figure out, don’t let trump do the investigation.

This investigation from July of last year an important news topic and lively debate, at least in DC. But if you travel outside of the capital of the United States, we find that voters are not very concerned about a possible link trump with Russia.

I recently visited his native town, and in another small town in Michigan who voted for trump, and talked with local residents on the subject of the investigation. Almost all my interviewees said the same thing: the media need to leave trump alone, and the investigation of the Russian intervention is just a diversion.

“I’m sick of hearing about Russia. We should leave her alone and move on. This media propaganda. They just don’t want this topic gone by the wayside,” said local resident Nancy Androsky (Nancy Androsky), whose grandchildren attend school in the area.

Conversations with residents of the towns of Linden and Argentina, which are located between Detroit and flint, confirmed that showed recent polls: supporters of Republicans believe that the investigation in Russia has no special meaning. More than half of Republicans believe that the investigation pursues a political purpose — to distract people’s attention. This is stated in the analysis of Alexia fernández Campbell (Alexia Fernández Campbell), conducted on the basis of a June survey by CBS News. Only every fifth Respondent considers it an important safety issue.

As shown by the February public opinion poll conducted Kvinnebasen University, nine out of 10 supporters of the Democratic party said that the investigation of the Russian intervention in elections is important or very important. Accepted a total of 35 supporters of the Republicans.

For residents of Linden and Argentine investigation of Russian intervention was not as important as promises, which gave trump during the election campaign to strengthen the army, to limit the influx of refugees and asylum seekers, to create jobs for the American middle class.

In the elections last year for trump voted about 60% of the population of these two towns. This is more than in 2012, when Republican candidate MITT Romney voted approximately 50%.

Despite the fact that trump has not yet fulfilled many of the promises he made during the race, including the softening of the American position regarding the currency manipulation of China, the delay with the construction of the wall on the us-Mexican border, as well as the abolition of Obamacare, its supporters keep saying, “Give him a chance”.

“I think trump is much better than our previous President. I think he will do his will and to do business, said the owner of the local barbershop Rick Marchbanks (Rich Marshbanks). — I think he is a good man and will fulfill his promises.”

Unsurprisingly, almost all of my interlocutors talked about their support for trump. In Linden and Argentina together account for approximately 6 500 people, and is a typical small town America. Those are the places where the road must meet at least one familiar, where the city’s only grocery store, and where from time to time smacks of manure from nearby dairy farms.

“This is a very cohesive society, said the editor of a local regional newspaper Tri-County Times Sharon stone (Sharon Stone). These people like the family atmosphere of their towns, as well as those pleasures of life that are available to them. In our area we have a lot of lakes, and the money there are a lot of.”

These towns are peopled almost exclusively white. In Linden their 96% and 97 Argentina. Is the census of 2010.

Stone said that the people here are very caring, but after last year’s election, they were disappointed in politics. “I guess they just bothered the hell out of this politicking on both sides, she explained. — And not only in Russia, but in politics in General.”

After conversations with local people from among those who agreed to Express their opinion, I am convinced that stone was right. People told me that the Washington establishment simply ignores them; and they hate the liberal media, and they don’t care about the investigation of Russia’s actions.

“For us it’s a waste of time and effort. We’re here in the Outback not very worried about what is happening in the Washington cesspool, — said the Treasurer of Argentina Norman and Schmidt (Norman Schmidt), who has worked in city administration for over 20 years. Is the swamp. It is a real swamp.”

That’s what people think and say about the locals. (Their statements are shortened and edited for clarity.)

Rick Marchbanks
A former serviceman, the owner of a Barber shop, working in it for 32 years

What I think about the relations of Russia and the tramp? I don’t think anyone has proven that he has any ties with Russia. But the liberal left it that way not leaving. They are trying to destroy it. Media, fake news, they throw everything you can muster, they try to destroy it. They’re looking for anything to discredit him and throw from the White house. And I think it’s a shame.

I think trump is much better than our previous President. I think he will do his will and to do business. I think he is a good man. He had good intentions.

I’m a veteran, and I am concerned how he is going to restore order in the Affairs of war veterans. For me is very important. Army. We need a strong army. We will not be able to be the number one, not having the biggest clubs. We must strengthen the armed forces, which Obama has disgraced.

Rovetta Layer (Rovertta Laier)
Dairy farmer, mother of six children

Just the left trying to chase him because he is an outsider. It’s not real, so they try to scrape together anything to subject him to impeachment. It’s like Ann arbor in Michigan University. There they held a March for his impeachment. And I ask: well, what did he do? Too many tweets? Yeah, I don’t like some of the things that he places there. But that’s not grounds for impeachment — he says what he thinks. You see, he was already 70. Yes when people get older, they can say and do anything. They have no filters.

I just think that they will continue to pursue it until you will be able to find something or will not force him to do something. They will continue all of this, I think — all four years. But if he doesn’t get out of line, will not create too many problems, then I think everything will be fine.

Brian Saad (Brian Saad)
The new administrator of Argentina from the Republican party, was elected in November and the winning Democrat

I think all the noise to the other side, the Democrats could gain a foothold in established a bridgehead, in 2018 and 2020 have returned to their positions. The Democrats last 10 years of elections have not been very successful. How many gubernatorial seats they lost how many seats in the house of representatives?

I voted for Obama. I thought that the country needs. I grew up in Detroit. I was raised by mother because my parents divorced. I’m Lebanese. My family left 110 years ago, running away from what happened then and is happening now. And I think that this all just a big hype.

All you just have to abandon partisan politics. I wish everyone forgot about these Democrats and Republicans. I’m just a man. First of all I’m American. I hate the fact that the government is always that one team or the other. Who is there to protect trump? Only Trump. And all the rest who voted for trump, there’s no time. The day after the election we went to work. And the rest is very upset that their team lost.

Josh Brown (Josh Brown)
Director of advertising company, recently moved to the area from salt lake city

Whatever happened, we have to solve more important problems. I think that the media for the last 20 years constantly talking about. I want to know more about the laws that are passed, and all that. I’m sick of hearing political drama, which has no relationship to the people of our country.

If you want to investigate, want to look for clues, even looking. But our administration needs to do its work. These people won the election. Actually, I did not vote for them, and for the other side. But I’m not upset about the fact that this side won. This is the majority, or at least so arranged elections. They won. So I’ll support them until I find proof of their guilt.

Daniel Stanley (Daniel Shanley)
Student Hillsdale College in southern Michigan

I think accusations of this caliber to the President must be taken seriously. But really, from what I read and hear, I don’t know how substantial those charges. In fact, there is no irrefutable evidence and clues that trump could be subject to impeachment, as people say. So it seems to me that everyone here is overly inflated. Honestly, I think that some news stations are doing it just for the ratings.

Usually the news I watch on Fox, but also monitor CNN and other news sites to hear both sides. I don’t want to build your approval and thoughts on the opinion of one side. CNN says, “trump’s got to go. Trump should be subject to impeachment. Supporters of trump’s no damn good”. And Fox responds: “Where is the evidence? Why is it generally the accused, if there is no real evidence of his guilt?”

But I think something still had a trump. People say that was when Obama was President. What kind of intervention, which Russia in fact was carried out… So it’s good that we’re trying to figure out exactly how it was. But as I said, they are the type to lead the case to remove trump from the government.

Nancy Androsky
A local resident whose grandchildren attend school in the area

I’m sick of hearing about Russia. We should leave her alone and move on. This media propaganda. They just don’t want this topic gone by the wayside. Again and again, again and again raises her. Now there are more important things, and this time to finish.

You know, we now have a lot of problems with Iraq and with — Ah, Yes, the property of trump. He has problems with his administration, which is too bad. And it’s time to stop this entry on Twitter. And yet sometimes it seems that he is against women, and here he had to slow down a bit. There is also the problem of terrorists. We need to protect ourselves, making all the necessary.

If trump was up to something, even in this case, as they say, passed and it is time to stop. We must go further.

Candy Schultz (Schultz Candy)
Works in a private country club

I just don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have time to monitor this. I don’t even have cable television.

From what I know, I can say that I’m glad trump became President, because with Clinton it was a continuation of the madness. I think trump does something that many people just don’t have the balls, so to speak. But I don’t know what it had with Russia and all that. Really, I don’t know because you don’t follow the news, and doing his own thing.

I’ve never voted. I even trump didn’t vote, but I support it. I think the vote is not all. I live in this world, I need to take care of themselves and their children. I’m working with. I’m not poor, but in clover, too, don’t ride. I have credit and everything. But it’s my little world. And anything outside it and above, I think about it this way: “Yes, my God, I’m enough of Affairs”. I put my trust in God. God will decide what is right, and I think he already did.

Norman Schmidt
More than 20 years working in the city administration. He is now Treasurer of Argentine

Actually, I don’t care. Whatever happens in Washington, I was not concerned. For us it is a waste of time and effort. We’re here in the Outback not very worried about what is happening in the Washington cesspool. This swamp. It is a real swamp.

The mentality in Washington is not the same as in the whole country. Just look at it from shore to shore. Left coast is the right coast. But most importantly, in the Outback.

The Democrats came in such a rage because of defeat in the elections, because I thought that the trick from the beginning. So a loss for them like a red rag to a bull. And it so happened that this red flag was Russia. Know what’s most important to me? What is happening in Korea. [North] Korea is very dangerous. Extremely dangerous.

Ninety percent of people from the press — they don’t care about Donald trump. They just want to kick him out of office. But that’s not fair. Chose it according to the rules. And they invent all these schemes about Russian, about how they have something somewhere got hacked. This can not be. The Russians can’t do anything with the elections.

I work in a one-story America in a small town. I know the clerk at the door who is engaged in the election. I know that they can not hack these machines. They can write someone a check on the ads and support it? Of course. But behind the scenes this happens all the time.