Runner Dmitriev told ARD on doping mafia in Russia

Russian runner Andrey Dmitriev said in an interview with a German journalist and the author of a series of films about forbidden drugs in sport, Hyo Seppelt (Hajo Seppelt) that Russia has a “doping mafia”. Full recording of the interview with the athlete of the German public-law broadcaster ARD posted on Sunday, January 22 on its website.

“I call them mafia… doping mafia. They make a lot of money through illegal business. Use steroids to their athletes showed faster results and send them later at a large commercial competition in Europe and other places,” — said Dmitriev. “From my point of view, we are talking about a well organized system of illegal making money,” he says. According to the Russian athlete, “if there’s something or someone they don’t like, they (coaches and individuals covering system approx. edition) get him out of the way of illegal way.”

Coach Kazarin continues to work

Speaking about the specialists that give athletes illegal drugs, Dmitriev called the athletics coach Vladimir Kazarin, who was involved in the first report of the Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) in 2015 and were “suspended from activity” over allegations of involvement in the doping scandal. According to the Russian runner, despite the measures taken, Kazarin continues to work.

So, Dmitriev argues that in early November of 2016 saw him in the camp of the national team of Russia in athletics in Kyrgyzstan. The sports facility with Kazarin were Farnosova Maria (nee Savinova) — Russian runner on average distances, primarily in the 800 meters, zameshennaya the doping scandal, and the Russian athlete Anastasia Bazdyrev also accused of receiving banned drugs. “They were both in workout clothes,” — says Dmitriev.

“Kazarin — not the biggest fish”

When speaking about Vladimir Kazarin, Dmitriev said that he is “definitely not the biggest fish”. The informant ARD called the names of three more influential people, who, according to his version, offer athletes banned drugs. One of them is the deserved trainer of Russia on track and field athletics Sergey Epishin, who allegedly takes cash compensation from their wards before agrees to cook them. To get him in the band, you have to pay about 200 thousand rubles, says Dmitriev. “With this money he buys the dope and takes care to conceal the fact of its use”, — assured the interlocutor Seppelt journalist.

The names of two other coaches on the recording are not heard, instead, hear a special sound signal. The authors of the article explain that this is done because WADA is not yet sufficient evidence of their guilt. As for epishina, WADA independent Commission to investigate the circumstances of doping in Russian sports in the report of 2015 presented a number of facts seriously tyagotevshego his reputation, it is clarified in the explanation to the plot.