In Russia gave a forecast for “surrender” trump of Ukraine the Kremlin

The US President Donald trump may “surrender” Ukraine to the Kremlin, but not completely, because he is a pragmatic man.

About it the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky told the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

“Let’s just say, not fully surrender. Not because he loves Ukraine (I think he doesn’t care about it). Here, unlike Barack Obama, who was a true idealist in politics… trump is a pragmatic person”, – he said.

According to Belkovsky, pragmatism trump means that he must first answer to their own voters to the Republican party, its establishment, which was set up against him very skeptical at the stage of the election campaign.

“And all former Republican presidents still alive, that is George Bush Senior and Junior, and former secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza rice, and the most influential Senator John McCain, the former candidate for presidents of the United States, was against him, they supported Hillary Clinton. He needs to build bridges with these people first far more important than to build bridges with Putin, believe me, as for any American President domestic policy of a superpower far more important than external. External and so are not going anywhere, and, behold, from the domestic need to solve the problem,” – said Belkovsky.

We will remind, on January 21, Putin harshly criticized team Obama for his stance on Ukraine and expressed hope for “constructive dialogue” with trump on this issue.