How to legally buy a foreign car on the cheap through public auctions

The Ukrainians found another opportunity to save money when buying real estate, cars and household items and collectible rarities. To pay a fraction of the market value taking part in electronic gostorg. It’s been six months since the beginning of their work. As the experts found out “Today”, the online auctions are becoming more popular in six months they sold 900 million UAH, and the property is for sale 78 billion.

WHERE. As explained to us the head of the project “Public auctions” trading platform Anna Cheselka, the main source of lots became the property of the bankrupt banks, which became the property of the Fund of guaranteeing the return of deposits of physical persons (FGWL). Most often, this collateral apartments and cars, which eliminated the banks gave loans to who find themselves troubled.

Now, to settle with creditors of these banks, FGWL sells assets at below market prices. Recently, e-sales, joined by a number of government agencies: “Naftogaz”, the national Bank, Kyiv metro, etc.

WHAT THEY SELL. “Today,” noted some of the most interesting lots that have already sold. Apartment on Tumanyan street, near the subway in the new building was bought for 1,56 million UAH, which according to realtors, 20-22% cheaper than the market price. Over 1.68 million UAH (about $60 million) went to the townhouse area of 284 sq. m in the elite village of Kozyn near Kiev (instead of about $300 thousand at the market)! Cars Subaru Legacy 2004 bought for 104 thousand UAH, and Mazda 3 2007 for 145 thousand

There are in the system and original lots for the property. For example, UAH 9.5 million offer to buy the historic building in the river — the House of culture. Lenin, who is in need of reconstruction. Looking for people willing to buy for 751 ths base of rest “Azov” in the Zaporozhye region. Base 5 years is not working, but are located on the first line of the sea.
Buying used cars is more profitable than real estate: they are serviceable and are sold for 30-50% of market value. This, for example, KIA Ceed 2008 for 124 thousand UAH, Range Rover Sport 2008 for 479,6 thousand UAH. The most striking of the lot among the cars was the Maserati Quattroporte 2006 for half price — 355,8 thousand UAH.

There are small lots: chandelier from the Bank for 34 thousand UAH, handmade carpet — 41 thousand UAH, safe — 2,6 ths. Sell 40 commemorative coins Cheburashka, Carlson, etc., for 111,1 thousand UAH or UAH 2775 apiece. Legacy Fax machines, modems, and phones offer almost “weight”: 33 PCs in one lot for 1, 5 thousand UAH or an average of 45 UAH/piece.

How to buy through electronic trading

As explained to us, Cheselka, buy anything in the “Prozorro.Prodaj” can be anyone, as individuals and a legal entity. For this it is necessary to register on the site “ProZorro.Prodaj”, creating there personal account and entering your ID number. For participation in auction it is necessary to have on your Bank account amount which will be enough to guarantee fee for every separate tender (usually 5% from the initial price of the lot). Bidding and payment are done online, electronically, every member through the website according to your price, which should be higher than the previous.

If the bidders for any lot less than two — lot withdrawn from sale. Again it can be exhibited at the next auction (a week or more), but 10% cheaper. After auction ends, whoever doesn’t win gets their money back, with nothing to lose. The buyer of your guarantee fee pays a set percentage e-the platform on which he was working, and the rest is returned to him. If you want the party to stop work on the system with all the money he can get by writing a letter to the organizers of the auction.