The Klitschko era and the era of Joshua

On Saturday, London hosted the most anticipated Boxing match of recent times. In combat, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko, the strongest was the British, who defended the title of world champion, added other (vacant) zone, and, in fact, drew a line under the era of Wladimir Klitschko in the Boxing world.

The era of the Klitschko brothers in the Boxing world lasted from the mid-2000s. In 2004, Vitali Klitschko became the world champion under the most prestigious version WBC, However, a year later lost the title, but from 2008 to the end of his career in 2013 — once again firmly holding the title in his hands. Placing it in neutral hands only on the fighting. But never, in the hands of rivals. He has gone undefeated.

Vladimir joined all the other zone for the main versions in the Boxing world, while holding them in my hands from 2005 through 2015. That’s only the story ended quite differently. After losing in November the year before fury, Ukrainian tried to return. And even were leading in the second half of the fight against the current world champion Joshua for a moment, giving a hope for a miracle. But his age and physically possible, which is clearly not unlimited, have made themselves felt in the most inopportune moment.

At the end of the battle, Joshua went on the attack and succeeded. Ukrainian, as in the beginning of his brilliant career, once again was knocked out. Only then he was young and full of energy. Got up and went forward. And now… now young and full of energy Joshua, the one who Klitschko is rumored to have beaten a couple of years ago in sparring.

Young and inexperienced in the Pro Boxing boy, and let the Olympic champion of London 2012. Then the reigning champion was preparing for another title defense, and easily defended all of his belts. Now… while Klitschko is irretrievably gone. A bell, Prasonisi in November 2015, in a battle with Tyson fury, now sounds like a powerful bell, beating the alarm.

In battle, held at London’s Wembley stadium in on Sunday night, Klitschko has not changed his favorite tactic, poking jabs at an opponent. Especially clearly this feature was evident in the second half of the fight. When he was in the lead after he put Joshua down, and ran a series of successful combinations. Even given the fact that Klitschko has been knocked down, he confidently won the fight on points.

Another thing is that this tactic is extremely energy consuming. Plus, it has long been the length and breadth studied rivals. The first antidote to this tactics found fury, now its trump cards in the fight with Klitschko posted Joshua. And used them very skillfully.

After the fight, there was information about the fact that Klitschko is thinking about revenge. This option is spelled out in the contract for the fight. And Joshua confirmed that he will give Klitschko a rematch if the opponent requires it. Besides, Joshua has already received a response from fury, who took the fight after his victory over Klitschko. Exalted Tyson, in his usual manner, offered Anthony “to dance with him.” Apparently, the fight in the ring they did not succeed. And the young champion is no longer any moral obligation before choosing the next opponent.

Another question — whether it’s Klitschko? At his age, even yesterday’s knockout — a huge number of powerful blows, missed by an opponent, can seriously affect the health. Not now, in the future. But the quality of the fight, like the end of his career, was quite decent. Vladimir proved that he is an elite boxer, but at some point, even could well expect to win the return of the world title. Did not work, but in the eyes of his audience, he will still be Champion. Thus, the great and undefeated boxer, who we knew until November 2015, before the fight with fury. Thank You, Champ!