Probably, it was the worst inaugural address in history

“I think it was the worst inaugural address in history. Although everyone thought that it will be the appeal of Donald to the American people, it was the appeal of Donald to Donald,” said one of the leading Norwegian experts in the field of rhetoric, the Kjell Terje ringdal (Kjell Terje Ringdal) on the phone from Miami in an interview with Aftenposten.

The inauguration ceremony in Washington began exactly at 17: 30 Norwegian time and ended an hour later. Donald trump was sworn, and he delivered his first speech as President.

The speech ringdal describes as “pure selfishness”.

“The idea behind the entire speech was how to sell the idea of the great and amazing America. He cited arguments in favor of creating a new America, because like now, bad. He built his entire speech that all who sat behind him on the podium, was wrong.”

“Sticky American flag that shove it down your throat”

According to Ringdal, most inaugural speeches, it was about how to look at things more widely, in particular, presidents have appealed to those who did not vote for them.

This time it was the opposite. He throws sticky American flag, which zapihivaetsya in the throat of all Americans who do not quite agree with his flag. I’m sorry America, sorry world, NATO, the struggle for the environment in trompowsky the scope very narrowly.

— And whether in his speech something good?

The best in the speech was the part where he talked about the fact that we all bleed red, regardless of whether they are black, brown, or white. It was the most poetic and beautiful moment, but it didn’t really fit into the speech as a whole, in any case, I had a feeling based on what I’ve seen of mounted personnel.

“It was short, hard and direct”

A former speechwriter for bill Clinton and a supporter of the Democratic party Vinca LaFleur (Vinca LaFleur) is more favorable to the first speech trump as President — at least from the perspective of a speechwriter.

“It was very clear. The proposals were hard and straight, was clear to all that he said. It also was short, one of the shortest inaugural speeches, as I recall. The speech also some very poetic and well-written proposals,” she said in an interview with Aftenposten on the phone on Friday evening.

But LaFleur, who works in the company West Wing Writers in Washington, in the speech of the new President lacked a few things.

“He never mentioned Hillary Clinton and did not recognize anyone from her supporters. The speech also lacked humility or signs that he understands how difficult will this work”.

“I also reacted to the fact that much of what he said was self-evident. I’m a bit frightened because he talked a lot about the leadership of America. If America is to be the first, it means that someone else will have to be for her. If this is his message to the world, in this country it would be a tragedy. We need our allies, they always were and will be necessary.”

“There was a bunch of exaggeration”

“It was a self-centered speech, full of exaggerations,” says the former Director of the Nobel Institute and Professor of American history Lundestad Geir (Geir Lundestad).

“It was a rather strange speech. A typical campaign speech — except for some quips, but the real content was the same as we remember from the time of the election campaign. Was a monstrous exaggeration. The inaugural address is the speech that needs to reconcile the nation. Is there such a reconciliation was little,” says Lundestad.

He also responded to the fact that the image of the new President of democracy in the United States at this inauguration starts from scratch. He repeated several times the word about the mandate it received from the people. He is one winner and all others losers”.

“Trump received fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in the elections, in which took part, only 60% of eligible voters. So this people is a minority. It depicts everyone who ruled the country before him as elite, but the US had never come to power more elitist administration than the administration of the trump.”

“It will put at the forefront of the United States. In the speech, nothing was said about what can be common interests with other countries,” — said Lundestad and emphasizes that the entire speech was permeated with the enthusiasm and fighting spirit that prevailed during the election campaign trump. In addition to his incredible self-confidence.