Rental prices of apartments in Ukraine translate into dollars

Ukrainians living in rented apartments, waiting for hard times: landlords are preparing to raise prices. In most lease contracts specify a paragraph on the revision of rates in case of rejection of the dollar by more than 10%. This reassurance got ourselves the owners of real estate in previous years, when the hryvnia has heavily depreciated, writes UBR.

In Kiev, the market has not yet responded to the fall of the hryvnia. Calls owners with news about a rate increase with the new year was not. “There are several reasons. First, capital is still empty, many have not returned from the Christmas holidays”, — said in an interview the Director of the company Best & Seller Irina Lukhanin.

Secondly, in Kiev and as high utility bills, including heating. “Against the background of these cosmic slips some owners even take half of the payment. All very individually. In the high price segment (e.g. unity from 10 thousand UAH), there are cases when to keep the tenant, the owner pays all the payments”, — explained Lukhanin.

This is another typical example: the owner rents a three-room apartment has two bedrooms, and the third is closed. Payment for heating, of course, comes to all three rooms, but at the reasonable request of the tenant to pay a third of that amount, the owner flatly denied.

The expert expects that if the dollar will continue to rise, the capital’s housing market will respond to rising rates, but it will happen not earlier than mid-February. “Of course, if the official exchange rate will overcome the figure of 30 UAH/USD., the adjustment of the contracts will be active. In the meantime, all waiting, watching,” — says Lukhanin.

But the commercial sector has already reacted to the jump of the dollar. “The demand for non-residential premises in the capital is significant — both for trade and public catering, and offices. But in January of the deal, “frozen”, although tenants have come solid, able to generate a great steady income. I have the feeling that the owners stopped the transaction, not to sell too cheap. After all these payments, unlike most residential property, go by Bank transfer, through banks. They plan to sign the lease already at rates adequate to increase the rate,” said Lukhanin.

The regions are switching to dollars

Regions are more resolute. Here the rental market is again on the dollar. In Odessa in the fall, when there has been upward trend in the exchange rate, many owners have tried to fix the rent in foreign currency, and even if you get paid in UAH, stipulated that unable to increase it.

“While there was no attempt to revise the charges. But this does not mean that they will not,” said Director of the branch “Alexander-N” Alex Krasotu.

And the General advice has not changed: to study the market, if you find a place better or at least no more expensive that move.

The realtor reminded that the rental market in Odessa has its resort feature, namely the same apartment in the beach season shall be rent, and from September to April — monthly.

“The trend this year — tenants that suit the owners, it was proposed dvuhsvetny payment option. It concerns mainly high-end segment, from $ 500. Tenants are offered a “low” bet is $ 500, but because in the summer they will be paying 100-200 dollars more,” says Krasotu.

The owners themselves have nothing to lose — daily rentals in the summer they can earn more than $ 700 a month. So part of the lessees agree to these terms, know that if move out in may, the summer to find quality housing they will be difficult.

On the whole, I bet the monthly rent is higher by 20% than last winter and a third lower than it was in the summer. Studio in Cheryomushki can be rented for 4 – 4,5 thousand UAH/month, in Tayirove, from 5 thousand, left there for 5 – 6 thousand UAH/month.

But the lions responded faster than anyone on the Forex fever.

“Most have signed the contract, they changed the hryvnia into dollars. For two weeks there like crazy, there were so many applications. But even those who pay in local currency, should be considered according to the NBU rate for the current day,” said the realtor an “estate-Exclusive” Elena Misanchuk.

One-bedroom apartments now will not find a cheaper 4 – 4,5 thousand UAH, and in the contracts prescribed 150 – $ 170. Kopeck piece — 6 – 8 thousand UAH (write 220-300 dollars). Utility, as in the whole country, is paid by the tenant.

“Therefore, a great demand for apartments with independent heating. And a lot of them in Lviv. Not only the new building, all apartments with either furnaces or boilers,” he explained, Misanchuk.