Flight cancellation: airlines need passengers

The founder of the company MyAviaHelp Askold Klyus told how to act in case of flight cancellation.

“Two years ago I was going to fly back from London. The flight was canceled. In the waiting room right next to me sat a girl crying, and the next one policeman reassured her, offering a Cup of coffee. Just the faces of people around, full of despair and anxiety, and the way the same girl for a long time etched in memory. It seems to me, the one who had to deal with this situation, remembers all the attendant problems that arose because of outright negligence of the airline. I admit, being in such a situation, it is unpleasant to realize that do not know their rights,” recalls Askold Klyus.

Most common questions

– Why airlines cancel flights and what are their obligations?

The reasons can be many, but often the airline canceled the flight in advance for commercial reasons. Of cancellation of flights the airline has to warn the passenger not later than 2 weeks before the flight. Also, there are times when a delay can gradually develop into repealing it. Then You are required to deliver to the destination the next possible flight of a carrier or partner airline. When this is not possible, the money for the ticket is returned within 7 days. The amount of compensation required will be from 135$ to 650$ per passenger.

Is it possible to get compensation if you cancel a Charter flight?

No matter You are flying a regular or Charter flight (or even a low-cost airline is a budget carrier). It is important to understand that a passenger who paid the money for the flights, signed a contract with the airline carrier and she agrees to deliver it at the appointed time and place. Flight delay, cancellation or overbooking (non-admission of a person on Board the aircraft) in breach of this contract by the carrier.

– How real is the possibility of obtaining compensation?

Today we went to figure, when 98% of the passengers get their rightful compensation.

– During what period can I claim compensation?

It all depends on the country where its required. For example, in Ukraine, it is 2 years old. The maximum period of limitation that we faced is 6 years old.

– What needs to be done on the spot to prove wrong airline?

You first need to obtain a document with a stamp confirming the cancellation and/or replacement flight. Make sure that it was set out reliable and as accurate as possible the reasons for this situation. In an extreme case, fit the stamp on the route card about the cancellation, but did not specify reasons.

To do this, find a representative of the carrier, for example, at the front Desk on a flight or at the ticket office of the airline. If You are in the hall waiting for the flights, then such an employee can meet the gate (gate), which must be the departure of the aircraft. In the case where the representative is nowhere, ask any airport employee where you can obtain such a document. This is usually an information Desk at the airport. Of course, You can always call the call center of the airline and to find the latest information on flight (phone airline can hang on the banner at the airport). Or go to the website of the airline. Be sure to save tickets, boarding passes and baggage tags. In order not to lose them, I recommend just to take a picture. Also not to be redundant photos scoreboard and departures where you can see current time and status of Your flight.

Collect all receipts for food, hotel and taxi (bus and train).

Remember that compensation can be claimed if the cancellation happened through the fault of the carrier, and not due to such force majeure, such as weather conditions or a strike of airport employees (airlines). The failure of the aircraft to a force majeure does not apply.

– Which conditions must be provided by the airline?

It depends on the time of waiting for a new flight and range. If You are expecting a new flight:

  • More than 2 hours with a flight range of up to 1,500 km (flights within Ukraine and from Kyiv to Minsk, Munich, Sofia, Riga, etc.)

  • More than 3 hours for flights between 1,500 to 3,500 km (from Borispol to London, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, etc.)

  • More than 4 hours with a flight range of 3,500 km (from Kiev to new York, Beijing, Colombo, etc.), then You are entitled to:

– meals and soft drinks;

– two free call or transmit a telex/Fax messages, or e-mail, based on their technical capabilities airport;

– transfer airport-hotel-airport;

– place in the hotel if You are forced to wait for a departure for one or more nights.

– Where to write/call with compensation claims?

You have every right to Lodge a complaint with payment of compensation to the airline. For this you need to describe the situation and refer to the relevant legislation to apply in Your specific case, as well as the rules of transportation of passengers of the airline. Remember that any airline – a large and strong organization, so it is important to be as honest in presenting Your case. You also need to attach travel documents and collected evidence against the carrier. You have every right to go to court at the very beginning or after unsuccessful negotiations with the carrier.

Of course, the airlines shall make every effort not to pay compensation. Therefore, we recommend you to hire experienced lawyer in the field of airline passengers.

– Can the airline put me in blacklist after such appeals?

It is simply impossible. So feel free to defend the right to compensation.