“Washington will be our”

Supporters of Vladimir Putin staged in Moscow night party on the occasion of the inauguration of Donald trump.

One of the organizers, Konstantin Rykov, a former member of the party “United Russia”, who is often called the propagandist of the Kremlin — invited his followers on Facebook to the event, adding: “see you tonight. Washington will be ours.”

To Russian nationalists, who came to this party, was represented by the political “triptych” — embellished portraits of Putin, trump and the leader of the French far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen, prepared by the art group.

On his Facebook page Rykov wrote: “I beg you all to try to get to Tver by no later than 19:30. Otherwise you miss the most important moment of the “presidential oath” as well as sparklers, party poppers and champagne.”

This party, which was held in the Central Telegraph building in Moscow, broadcast an Orthodox Pro-Putin TV channel “Tsargrad”.

Everything that happens fits into that “trampoline” which began in Russia after the announcement of the election results in the United States. Russia marked the victory of trump the issue of commemorative coins and creating dolls with images of trump.

Meanwhile, American intelligence agencies continue to investigate possible links between Russian officials and aides of trump.

Trump, who became the 45th President of the United States, strongly denied that the leaked dossier, which the former agent of the British intelligence service MI6 has made a lot of allegations, including the allegation that Russia has for many years developed a good relationship with trump and collected on his extensive compromising.

The Kremlin also rejected the information contained in the dossier, stating that he made no effort to influence the outcome of the presidential election in the United States.

Meanwhile, Rykov, according to some reports, did not hide that he supports trump in the presidential election in the United States.

In March, the Agency “Reuters” reported that he wrote to his followers: “trump — the first in twenty years the representative of the American elite, which praises Russia. He will crush the America we know, and Russia in this situation there is nothing to lose.”

“Do we want the grandmother of Hillary? No. Maybe it’s time to help the old robber.”

Part of the enthusiasm of the Russians against trump, perhaps due to their hope that his presidency will help to ease tensions between the two countries and will lead to the lifting of sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with Crimea’s annexation.

Immediately after the news about election results in the US, Putin critic and former Deputy of the Russian Parliament Gennady Gudkov wrote: “Trenomania swept the country: the media, politicians and scientists, astrologers and housewife can not calm down and go about their business: the unexpected victory trump does not give them rest”.

“Russian news protagonist — his Majesty the tramp”.

Gudkov believes that the state media in Russia say solely about trump, forgetting about the much more urgent and important domestic news.

Sellers of dolls added carved wooden dolls with images of trump to its popular line of products, which was attended by President Vladimir Putin, the leader of the Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin, former President Mikhail Gorbachev and Joseph Stalin.

Artisans in the city of Zlatoust, located to the East of Moscow, has released a limited series of silver and gold commemorative coins engraved with “In trump we trust” — an allusion to the phrase on the dollar bills “In God we trust”.

Shop for the sale of Russian military goods located in front of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, invited the Embassy staff and US citizens 10 percent discount on its products that, perhaps, is the attempt to play on the alleged sympathy of the American diplomats, some of whom were appointed by Barack Obama.

In the window of this shop also appeared a poster with a picture of trump, touting discounts in connection with its inauguration.