The simulated consequences of the assassination of trump at the inauguration

CNN showed a report, which modeled the consequences of the assassination of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump during the inauguration.

Reporter Brian Todd (Brian Todd) took as a basis the scenario of the assassination of trump, a Vice President and the highest officials of the Congress.

According to him, according to the U.S. Constitution, if the President and Vice President are killed or for some reason cannot fulfill his duties, they will replace the speaker of the house of representatives. If during an assassination attempt and he gets hurt, the post will get the temporary President of the Senate, and then to the Ministers, starting with the Secretary of state.

Todd also noted that during the inauguration of the trump your powers lay Ministers of the incumbent President Barack Obama, including Secretary of state John Kerry. However, his likely successor, Rex Tillerson is not yet appointed by the Senate, so his duties will temporarily fulfill the Undersecretary of state for political Affairs Tom Shannon, a representative of the Obama administration.

The journalist recalled that, in case of unforeseen situations in the United States selected the so-called “duty successor” — one of the Ministers who was not present at the inauguration, and is secured in a remote location.

The inauguration ceremony of the trump will be held on Friday, January 20. Among the guests will be 91-year-old resident of the state of new Jersey Harold SMIK, Jr., for whom the event will be the 18th in a row.