Lenders PrivatBank has offered assistance in court

Deutsche Trustee Company Limited, Trustee to PrivatBank Eurobonds maturing in 2018, and expressed willingness to investigate the forced conversion of securities in the capital of financial institutions. The company announced on the Irish stock exchange, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

The company stressed that it has no means to investigate, however, are willing to take the necessary finresursy from the bondholders.

To do this, to bondholders of nationalized PrivatBank need to be identified in Deutsche Trustee Company Limited.

The Trustee protects the collective interests of the holders of notes at such events as the default, changing the terms of the securities, control over the transfer of interest payments, disclosure of information and other.

As reported, the bondholders of nationalized PrivatBank intend to challenge in the London court of international arbitration compulsory exchange of their securities for shares of the additional issue of the Bank.

Earlier in the framework of the nationalization of the PrivatBank’s obligation to a specially created British company (SPV) issuing of Eurobonds – have been subject to the procedure of bail-in and were exchanged for shares of the additional issue of the Bank.