Yanukovych wants to initiate an international investigation of the Maidan

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanuckovich is going to provide new information to the Ukrainian investigation of crimes on the Maidan, and intends to initiate on the question of the international investigation, according to RIA Novosti.

He noted that in three years the state office of public Prosecutor has not presented to society a single proof of his guilt in the deaths of people on Maidan.

On the question of why he doesn’t want to provide evidence to the Ukrainian investigation, the fugitive ex-President replied that we are talking about new information.

“We’re going to transfer a number of documents of the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, but the key witnesses are worried about their security and not willing to give evidence to Ukrainian investigators. Because for three years the Ukrainian investigation did not dare to give truthful answer to the question of who shot people, I will appeal to the international organizations and foreign States with a demand to conduct an independent international investigation of this tragedy”, – said Yanukovych.

Recall that Yanukovych fled from Kiev on the night of February 22, 2014 and soon finally left Ukraine. Law enforcement officers suspect Yanukovych of involvement in mass killings of protesters during Euromaidan, gosizmena, abuse of power and other crimes.