Oil prices hit Russia: the ruble was the currency of fast –

The Russian ruble, which fell against the dollar to the lowest level since February, has become the most rapidly depreciating currencies of developing countries against the background of falling oil prices. About it writes The Financial Times.

Yesterday the dollar exchange rate in Russia exceeded 66 rubles, while the price of Brent crude fell to $ 45 per barrel.

Except the ruble from declining oil prices suffer the Icelandic Krona, Colombian and Mexican pesos, said an analyst at Societe Generale Keith JAX. “The Norwegian Krone and the canadian dollar was more stable, but they also lost 0.8 percent,” he States.

The impact of this negative trend could spread to other regional currencies, says Peter Mathis from Rabobank.

“The greatest losses the Russian ruble and South African Rand that is more sensitive to commodity prices,” — said the expert.

We will remind, earlier the experts said the reasons for the rapid fall of the ruble.