The Fund to fight COVID-19: the Zelensky told how and what to spend

Seven foreign suppliers of purchased production of 183 million UAH

The total budget of the Fund for liquidation of consequences of COVID-19 in the Office of the President amounted to 374,6 million. This non-state funds for which it purchased medical supplies and personal protective equipment to combat the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine. This broadcast of a television said the Deputy head of the Office of the President, Secretary of the coordinating Council on combating the spread of COVID-19 Kirill Timoshenko, the press service of the OP.

He recalled that a month and a half ago, President Vladimir Zelensky met with big business, where they talked about the fight against coronavirus.

“It was decided that they (the entrepreneurs. – Ed.) will help the country to pass this stage, for the procurement of means of protection for our doctors and for other services – police, border guards and so on. The business agreed and actually contributed money to the Fund. And from this Fund began purchasing remedies. I want to stress that it is means business, it not budgetary funds”, – said Kirill Timoshenko.

According to him, at that time in Ukrainian hospitals and the provision of medical facilities were extremely poor – they did not actually have.

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“We launched the so-called air bridge. We started to cooperate with different airlines for the supply of these remedies from China,” he said.

According to operational reports, the total budget of the Fund for liquidation of consequences of COVID-19 in the Office of the President of Ukraine made 374,6 million. 12 Ukrainian suppliers were procured products to 155.6 million UAH, in 7 of the foreign suppliers to 182,6 million.

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For aviation the delivery of medical were spent 33.6 million UAH. The cost of customs clearance, logistics and freight services made up UAH 286 thousand.

Took 10 flights to the Chinese city of Xiamen, four flights in Guangzhou, three flights to Beijing and four flights in Seoul (Republic of Korea).

Was purchased:

  • respirators – 1.12 million at an average price 74,32 UAH/PCs;
  • costumes biosecurity 173 thousand at an average price of 416,16 UAH/PCs;
  • costumes biosecurity reusable – 12 thousand at an average price of UAH 1050/u;
  • safety glasses – 60 thousand at an average price of 111,52 UAH/PCs;
  • PCR tests foreign production – more than 100 thousand at an average price 231,2 UAH/PCs;
  • kits for PCR-testing of Ukrainian production – 600 thousand at an average price 58,02 UAH/ed;
  • protective screens for the face – 50 thousand at an average price of UAH 46,78/ed;
  • thermometers – 21.5 thousand at an average price of 17.7 UAH/ed;
  • rapid tests – 150 thousand at an average price of 173 UAH/PCs;
  • more than 6 million medical gloves and many other non-lethal weapons and equipment.

As noted, in the future delivered remedy were distributed through health departments in every region of Ukraine, as well as the needs of the police, border guards, military and employees of other departments who work in close contact with the population.

As you know, last flight of “air bridge” arrived at Boryspil on April 30.

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