Russia allowed himself not to pay 1.9 billion euros to Yukos case

The constitutional court (CC) of Russia allowed the Russian Federation to pay former shareholders of Yukos compensation of 1.9 billion Euro according to the verdict of the European court of human rights (ECHR).

According to the constitutional court the judgment is allegedly contrary to the Constitution, which is the basis for not implementing the decisions of the European court.

“Russia has the right to deviate from imposed duties, if this is the only way not to violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, – announced the decision of the head of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin.

As the Republic reports, to check the legality of the decree requested the Russian Ministry of justice. The Ministry pointed out that the European court adopted a decision on compensation by applying the provisions of the Convention for the protection of human rights in the interpretation that comes to the discrepancy with the Russian Constitution. The COP has considered the application in closed session in December 2016.

We will remind, the Arbitration court in the Hague in 2014, acknowledged that the former shareholders of Yukos was unlawfully deprived of assets, and ordered Russia to pay 50 billion dollars, the decision came into force in early 2015. Russia stated that the funds for compensation in the budget is not mortgaged.