In the fourth round of elections of the President of the European Parliament came out by the Italians

In the third round of voting in Strasbourg on the election of the head of the European Parliament, none of the candidates received the required to elect an absolute majority of votes, and now, according to the procedure, the President of the Assembly will be determined in the fourth round.

“Because none of the candidates receives an absolute majority of votes will be held on the fourth round,” he said handing over the powers of the European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who on Tuesday headed the election at the plenary session of the EP.

In the final of the race overlook the former Chairman of the European Commission and Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament, the candidate of the European people’s party (Christian Democrats), the Italian Antonio Tajani and his compatriot, the head of the faction of the Progressive Alliance of socialists and Democrats Gianni Pitella.

In the third round they scored respectively 291 and 199 votes.

Unlike the previous three rounds, the fourth round of the winner will be determined by a simple majority of votes. Elect MEPs will head the European Parliament for the next 2.5 years.