TOP 10 outstanding novelties of the Detroit motor show (photos)

Until January 22, continuing the largest U.S. auto show – North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Within its framework, first shown approximately 40 new and updated models. Most of them oriented to the local market where by the end of 2016 was sold a record of 17.55 million a new car, but a number of new products have the international perspective.

Audi Q8

Shows the prototype of the new crossover. Q8 will be the largest and most expensive SUV Audi (the length exceeds 5 m). The company assured that the exterior of this very overall the car is a bit like a sports coupe.

Concept equipped with a hybrid power plant, which includes a three-liter petrol turbo V6, electric motor and eight-speed automatic transmission. Its total power of 449 HP with torque of 700 N•m To 100 km/h the car accelerates in 5.4 seconds. top speed is 250 km/h. fuel Consumption in combined cycle – 2.3 liters per 100 km Crossover equipped with all-wheel drive system and adaptive air suspension. Headlights matrix, they visually appear as consisting of separate fragments. Under the edge of the hood laid a light guide serving dynamic turn signals.

Technical characteristics of the production model are still kept secret. Maybe in the engine range will include diesel and gasoline V6 and V8 engines with turbocharging. Sports version of the SQ8 can get a 4.0-liter diesel V8 with a return of 430 HP it is Expected that the production car will be shown in 2018, and in sale it will appear in 2019

Bentley Continental Supersports

This is the most powerful road version of the Continental for the first time. The 6.0 W12 engine develops 710 HP at torque 1017 N•m. the New coupe is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in 3.4 s, its maximum speed 336 km/h (this is a record figure for the Bentley road). The motor is aggregated with eight-speed automatic ZF. All-wheel drive system in normal conditions, sends to the rear axle 60% thrust.

The model will be produced in a closed body, and a convertible version (it will receive the title prefix Convertible).

An adaptive suspension became more rigid, reduced ground clearance, changed settings stabilization systems and vectoring of thrust. The second selectively retarding the wheels when cornering, ensuring optimal conditions for the use of torque.

Externally, the Supersports differs from the usual Continental modified bumpers, a by carbon fiber aerodynamic package, tinted lenses, black glass trim, the grille and the ventilation slots on the hood.

In sale the novelty is expected in spring of this year, the price in the UK will be 212.5 thousand pounds, and the convertible 233,8 thousand pounds.

BMW 5-Series

In Detroit, there was the world premiere of the seventh generation (an index of body G30) of this popular car. The previous generation with an index of body F10 was produced from 2010.

The exterior received news of the change of an evolutionary nature, mostly it has led to the current corporate identity of the brand, the image of the flagship BMW 7-Series G11/G12. We can point to other bumpers, extended grille, tweaked optics and chrome air intakes on the front fenders. The interior of the 5-Series also came close to a premium “seven”. The car was 3.5 cm long (4,94 m) and 1 cm wider (1.87 m).

The list of standard equipment included two-band climate control with the functions of perfuming and ionization, enhanced projection screen, wireless charging for mobile phones. It is alleged that the electronics can not only self-Park the car, but also to detect the nearest empty seat.

In the base sedan is available with double wishbone suspension front and rear patriciagray. Optionally it can be equipped with adaptive dampers, active stabilizer polnopravnym chassis.

In the beginning of sales of the range of engines will consist of two petrol and two diesel. Younger BMW 520d is equipped with a 190-strong two-liter diesel engine work (190 HP, 400 N•m). 530i is equipped with two-liter petrol engine (252 HP, 350 N•m). Diesel 530d has a volume of 3 l (265 HP, 620 N•m). On the 540i installed a three-liter gasoline engine (340 PS, 450 N•m). The initial modification is equipped with a six-speed mechanics, and the rest vosmidiapazonnoy automatic.

Infiniti QX50

Shows the prototype of the second generation of this crossover. Announced that the production model will be equipped with turbo engine VC-Turbo with variable compression ratio (from 8:1 to 14:1). The production of this two-liter petrol engine (272 HP, 390 N•m) will begin in 2018.

The company claims that the VC-Turbo will surpass the parameters of a petrol “turbochetverki” and be close to some “sixes” that are behind him on the fuel efficiency of 27%. The older version of the model will receive a three-liter V6, known for the crossover Q50 and Q60.

Another fundamental novelty will be the ProPILOT system that will help the driver while driving and Parking, and will also assume some of the functions of the unmanned vehicle control.

In the selling of a serial Infiniti QX50 second generation will appear not earlier than 2018

Kia Stinger

The manufacturer calls this car sportsedan and ultimately the newest. Although it’s rear glass rises with the tailgate as a conventional hatchback. The car is quite large: length of 4.83 m, width of 1.87 m, a wheelbase of 2.91 m And it is low – 1.4 m, as befits the models that claim to sportiness. In Detroit held its world premiere.

First and foremost, the model will appear in the U.S. market (until the end of the current year). We will offer two petrol engines: “turboservice” 2.0 Theta II family (258 HP, 352 N•m) and V6 3.3 Twin-Turbo GDI (370 HP, 510 N•m). They both are aggregated with an eight automatic. Stinger with the older engine accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.1 s, its maximum speed of 269 km/h. Initially, the car rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive option.

The set of safety systems include automatic braking, track layout and condition of the driver, the adaptive cruise control. The lounge area has a media center with seven-inch screen and six speakers. For extra charge you can get premium audio system Harman/Kardon with 15 speakers, including subwoofer (under rear seat). Also available head-up display, wireless charging for smartphone etc.

Lexus LS

The fifth generation of this premium sedan. The first generation debuted in Detroit 28 years ago. The new built on rear-drive platform, the GA-L, which in September at the Paris motor show debuted the compartment LC.

The developers say that building new LS, forgetting about the old, with a clean slate. The car has become larger in length, he added 5.5 cm (5,24 m), width — 1.5 cm (1.9 m), the wheelbase grew by 3.5 cm (3,13 m). Decreased only height – 1.5 cm (1.45 m).

The engine is new — “byturbulence” 3.5 (420 HP, 599 N•m). Box a ten step automatic Aisin. To 96.5 km/h sedan accelerates in 4.5 seconds. it is Expected that over time, gamma motor expands, there will be also a hybrid variant and a hydrogen.

Responsible for the safety well-known complex VDIM new modifications. All seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage system. The chair behind the front passenger, you can reject the back on 48 degrees (for sleep). First LS air suspension with the so-called accessor function – when you unlock the doors the car rises and lowers lateral support rollers – for easy entry.

The Central screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. Among the options include a color head-up display on the windshield, audio system Mark Levinson surround sound and active noise cancelling etc.

Novelty sales will begin in the spring of 2017.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

In Detroit world premiere of the new coupe. Last year it also debuted the E-Class in a body “sedan”. Unlike previous generations like the coupe based on the platform of C-class, the novelty is built on the platform of E-class, so it was longer than 12 cm (4,83 m), 7.5 cm wider (1.86 m) and 3 cm above (1,43 m). The wheelbase has gained 11 cm and is now of 2.87 M.

In the European market in the engine range model includes four engines – one diesel and three petrol. Their power from 184 to 333 HP, All configuration by default equipped with devyatikonechnoy transmission 9G-Tronic, and branded all-wheel drive 4MATIC our database is only in the top version (model E400).

The buyer can choose adaptive suspension, Dynamic Body Control, air suspension Body Control Air or chassis with steel springs Dynamic Control.

Novelty sales will begin in the spring of this year.

Porsche 911 GTS

In the line two of the 911 appeared immediately five new versions with the prefix GTS: 911 Carrera GTS, 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet the 911 Targa 4 GTS. They are all equipped with supercharged three-liter boxer engine, an outstanding 450 HP and 550 N•m. transmission two: the seven-speed robot and the mechanic. The actuator front or full (depending on model). In the basic equipment includes 20-inch alloy wheels with a Central nut.

The dynamic variant — all-wheel drive coupe 911 Carrera 4 GTS. With the Sport Chrono package (basic equipment) and a robot, it accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.6 s. the Maximum speed all models of at least 300 km/h. the fastest option is rear-wheel drive coupe GTS with the mechanics, developing 312 km/h. the transition to the forced engine made the model more economical. For example, rear-wheel drive coupe consumes on the combined cycle is 8.3 liters per 100 km (8.7 l).

Toyota Camry

World premiere of the eighth generation of this popular model. Shown is the us version as it will be different European, not yet. The car practically has not changed in length and width (of 4.86 m and 1.84 m respectively), but was 3 cm lower (1.44 m). Wheelbase grew by 5 cm (2,82 m).

Still claimed three of the power unit. The first is “four” 2.5 from the new line, which is combined with eight-speed automatic. The second V6 3.5 fuel injection system. The third is a hybrid.

Of the other important changes in the rear suspension instead of McPherson struts mounted system is double wishbone. Vibration has been reduced thanks to the new fastening system of the motor.

In the basic equipment includes a system of security, including automatic braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control with radar, operating in the whole speed range, the control markup with the assistant departure warning, blind spot monitoring mirrors and traffic behind. There are also automatic switching of distant light.
Sales should begin this summer.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

The Tiguan crossover for the first time reached the US market, but only in long-wheelbase seven-seat version. There it will be sold just as the VW Tiguan and the car with the prefix Allspace will be sold in Europe (his debut will take place in March at the Geneva motor show). It is 21.5 cm long korotkobaznogo source file (4.7 m), its wheelbase is greater than 11 cm (2.79 m).

Externally, the new car with a standard base feature rear doors, racks and glass. When you start in the U.S. it will have only one engine: two-liter “turboservice” 186 HP and 300 N•m. In Europe the range of engines promise more: petrol 150, 180 and 220 HP and diesel engines of 150, 190 and 240 HP, combined with “robot” DSG.

Depending on the version of the package includes adaptive cruise control and automatic braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring mirrors and a digital instrument panel. Optionally (or in older versions) the car is equipped with all-wheel drive 4Motion with the selector of modes of motion Active Control.

It is reported that the price of the base version of the Tiguan Allspace in Germany will be 30 thousand euros, sales will begin in the second half of this year.