What foods lose their valuable properties if they are wrong there are

Some products lose a lot of its beneficial properties due to the fact that we used them incorrectly. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to follow a few important rules that will help keep that food is the most valuable vitamins and microelements.


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Remember, the foods on this list lose their valuable properties if they are wrong there.

  • Broccoli

To get the maximum benefit from this product, it is important to expose it to minimal heat treatment. The longer you simmer, simmer or bake broccoli, the less useful properties remain. This type of Kale is best steamed or added raw to a salad.

  • Asparagus

As in the case of broccoli, asparagus needs only a light heat treatment. The only way you can save all the useful substances in its composition. Quickly fry the stems in a hot frying pan or use a steamer. By the way, the water from the double boiler pour and use as a broth for making soups or sauces, because it remains quite a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  • Garlic

Experienced chefs know that finely chopped or crushed garlic is better to leave on for 5-10 minutes before adding to the dish. So all the beneficial properties of this useful product will have time to fully open, and the taste becomes more spicy and rich.

  • Tomatoes

Unlike many other products, tomatoes are the best is not raw and pre-cook them on the grill, bake or lightly fry. The fact that this product is rich in lycopene, an element that helps to prevent many, including cancer.

  • Strawberry

Buying fresh, seasonal strawberries, not in a hurry to wash and tear the stem. The fact that vitamin C, which is so rich in this berry, which are sensitive to oxygen and light, and the longer the strawberries will be already processed and cut, the less vitamin remains. Better to wash a small portion and immediately to eat it.

  • Yogurt

Opening a jar of natural yoghurt, can be seen on the surface of the serum. Never drain, as many do, because it contains the maximum amount of protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and other minerals. Simply mix yoghurt with a spoon, so its texture was homogeneous.

  • Black tea

This drink invigorates no worse than coffee and contains large amounts of antioxidants. If you used to drink black tea with milk, we suggest to abandon this habit. The fact that upon contact with the milk protein of the antioxidants stops absorbed by organisms, and therefore, the use of this beverage decreases.

  • Flax seeds

Recently appears more and more information about the value of flax seeds and their positive influence on our health. In order to fully utilized by the body, need to eat it in milled form. Otherwise, any special benefits you get.