So much the worse for trump and America

The survey conducted among Americans shows that a future us President will start its activities with an unprecedented small levels of national confidence. The famous Gallup research center published data obtained at the beginning of December. According to the results, only 46% of Americans believe that Donald trump is able to overcome the international crisis, 47% believe that he will properly dispose of the armed forces, only 44% believe that he will be able to avoid major scandals in his administration.

It is known that the majority of Americans did not support trump, and only the peculiarities of the US electoral system allowed him to keep winning, and convincing, over Hillary Clinton. However, the initial position for the future President modest. Of his predecessors Bush and Clinton and Obama enjoyed much more support.

On key areas of presidential activity starting expectations were at the level of 70% and above, a striking difference, reaching in some positions up to thirty percent. While slightly more than half of Americans still believe that trump would deal with the Executive branch of the government (53%), will protect American interests abroad (55%), will be effective in the economy (59%) and will be able to cooperate with the Congress (60%).

So the lack, or rather, the lack of political experience of the new President did not go unnoticed by the population. Here the economy and work with the Parliament, controlled by Republicans, is another matter. Although scandals can not be avoided, sigh, even the supporters. In the case of trump, unlike his predecessors, is a very large difference in the support from party members, supporters apresidential party and independent. Low total result the head of the White house in the first place because of the unprecedented low confidence on the part of Democrats. For example, in his ability to avoid scandals believe only 14% of Democrats in the ability to control the armed forces — 17%. Support among independents more, but also significantly lower than that of former presidents. So believe in trump almost exclusively Republicans — from 77% to 90%, and have not had such divergent views on leadership among the supporters of the two main American parties.

So, 60% of Republicans believed in the President Obama’s capacity, and 57% of Democrats gave credit to Bush. Here is a very different case. By the way, among your trump support is not as high as its predecessors: its an average of 84% is much lower than obaminy 94% among Democrats and 95% Republican support Bush. In short, in America have not been such a divisive leader, whose own people are not really waiting for miracles or even the most basic of their duties. Any actions of Donald trump will be considered by the public as confirmation of their own fears or hopes. Even if the future American President was a man of exceptional abilities, it would be a difficult start. But all the evidence suggests that trump still did not state a genius. So much the worse for him and for America.