France may abandon the Euro

France may abandon the Euro and return to national currency in case of a victory on presidential elections of the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen.

According to the candidate, the Eurozone countries should return to the system of currency basket ECU, existed in the EU before the introduction of the Euro, reports BBC.

“The ECU existed in parallel with national currencies… the Existence of the national currency in parallel with a common currency will not affect the daily life of the French people,” she explained.

As noted by BBC adviser to Le Pen on economic policy, the conditions of return to a national currency – the franc – will be discussed in detail in case of victory of the National front in the elections.

As reported, the national front, which opposes immigration and skeptical towards the EU, gained 27% of votes at the last in December last year in France, the elections to the local authorities.

Earlier, Le Pen said that Russia’s annexation of Crimea was illegal. SBU has already sent the foreign Ministry a letter for approval of the ban on entry to Ukraine marine Le Pen. In the team policy stated that she was not going to Ukraine, but if Le Pen becomes President, this issue will be resolved through diplomatic channels.