How to maintain beautiful Breasts: simple exercises

Many women in the pursuit of a perfect figure torturing yourself with strict diets. In most cases such measures lead to the desired weight loss in the stomach area, thighs and other “problem” areas.

Along with other parts of the body thinner and Breasts that often no pleasure to the fairer sex. By the way, the sudden weight loss changes not only the breast size but also its shape, says Lisa.

To avoid this, specialists recommend to perform a few simple exercisesthat will allow you to maintain a beautiful breast shape. These exercises can be performed at home, starting with one round of 10 repetitions and gradually add the number of sets and repetitions.

Stand up straight and fold your hands in front of chest with your fingers so that they looked into the center of the chest. Squeeze with force the imaginary ball in his hands and hold this position for 10 seconds.

Put hands on shoulders. Raise your shoulders up then get back again down, and at the end of the ‘ pull the shoulders forward.

Stand on tiptoes, raise your hand up. Bending back, taking his hand as far back as possible. Repeat the same with second hand.

Stand on tiptoes, raise your hand up and reach for her. Do the same motion with the other hand.