Groisman told how the Cabinet is struggling with the major challenge of Ukraine

The government makes the first steps to overcoming poverty in Ukraine, increasing twice the minimum wage and raising the salaries of teachers, doctors and rescuers. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, transfers a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“What is our greatest challenge today? The fight against poverty. We must overcome poverty in our 45-million country. On the one hand, the necessary reform solutions, on the other, you need to understand the feelings of the people, the biggest problem to do the steps to overcome this challenge. Minimum wage, increase of incomes of teachers and doctors – this is the first steps,” – said the head of government.

Along with the increase in the minimum wage doubled to RS 3200, increase in salaries of Ukrainian teachers by 50% and doctors by 30% the budget for 2017, including, provides for an increase of wages to employees of Public service on emergency situations, reminded the Prime Minister.

“Mchsnik (meaning fighter SSES – Ed.) which is to extinguish the fire, in other words, goes to fire, had a salary of “as much as” 3 thousand hryvnias. And no one seemed to care. When something burns, all pray that these people arrived on time and efficiently did the job. And then they go to the cashier and have to get those 3 thousand hryvnias”, – gave the example of Groisman.

The Prime Minister said that the salaries of rescuers raised more than two thousand UAH.

“This means that we are starting to slowly pay our debts to the people. And will give them further”, – said the head of government.

We will remind, the Prime Minister announced on the elimination of the largest corruption schemes in the country.

Groysman also spoke about how is the price of imported gas for Ukraine and the dollar.

The Prime Minister revealed and peculiarities of formation of gosbudzet for 2017 subject to special confiscation.