Unbearable heartache: the psychologist told about the reasons of suicide of the military

Alcoholism, drug addiction, family violence and suicide are problems on a national scale, aggravated by the military actions in the Donbass. Psychologists say that men who returned from the conflict zone, fall into such States of despair. Someone because of the depreciation of their merits, some due to experienced stress. But initially, if people drank in the civilian world, he would drink at the front, told the Radio Liberty, the psychologist of the centre “Axios” Natalia Stoica.

“This problem has always existed, and domestic violence, as well as emotional abuse, and the inability to live any situation, which go by means of suicide,” says Stoica.

According to psychologist Natalia Stoeckel, to talk about military suicides, as the consequences of the war is wrong. It is not always the cause may be the experience of military action and psychological trauma from the front. Sometimes the reason was before, just military action for a time blocked the emotions.

“Moreover, we have no statistics that would reflect that, coming back from the front, the person begins to drink. Drink it before or not, it is not always clear. As well as suicides – and they are in peaceful life among people who were not fighting,” says Stoica.

Sometimes, people deliberately seeking death without realizing it. Experts call such behavior suicidal. Fast driving, extreme sports, it can be one of signs subconscious desire to take his own life. But there is also the notion of demonstrative suicide, when a person makes an attempt to show the world that he needs help.

“The largest percentage of suicides from intolerance of psychic pain. People suffer so much that he cannot bear and wants it to stop,” – says the psychologist.

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The psychologist advises not to leave them, but not to impose its aid by force. But if we are talking about alcoholism and family violence, in addition to dependent, no one can make decisions to deliver him from alcohol, drugs and beatings and moral pressure on family members. If help is not obtained, the psychologist advises to get away from people to protect yourself.

Recall that in a combat zone in the Donbas killed himself 21-year-old soldier from Kirovograd area Oleg Stasi. The tragedy occurred on 29 December 2016.