Euthanasia in Switzerland for the Russians?

On Monday in the Russian mass media there was information that the country will have a new direction of tourist business: trip to Switzerland with the purpose of euthanasia. Representatives of the organizing company say the reason the Russians might make in private, but now they offer a new level of service and eliminate paperwork.

Company “Megapolis-resort”, which was engaged in this business has already filed an application to Rospatent for registration of the trademark “Euthanasia-round.” Director General of the company Anatoly Aronov told the newspaper “Izvestia” that the basic ticket will cost about 310 thousand rubles. This includes the preparation of necessary documents, ticket to Switzerland, a few days of your stay and the services of doctors.

“We have an agreement that we rent a house at lake Geneva, if you want you can even create an environment for individual orders. The main thing that the person was as comfortable as possible, to enable them before you leave, enjoy the view of lake Geneva”, — reports “Izvestia” the words of Anatoly Aronov.

He said that before euthanasia in wanting to escape from life is sure to be two meetings with a psychologist, who will make the final decision. According to Aronov, the customer’s consent to euthanasia will be recorded on video, to avoid problems with the police. We will remind, in Russia, euthanasia is illegal, but the organization of such visits not forbidden by the law.

“The idea of these tours is not new. It is known that many Europeans who decided to escape from life, go to Switzerland or Belgium, where euthanasia is legal. It is possible that some Russians had resorted to this”, — said the head of the company “Megapolis-resort.”

Indeed, services assistiveware suicide in Switzerland is quite popular. In November 2015, the German Parliament passed a law allowing “organized suicide” only subject to the availability of “altruistic motives”, meaning, therefore, to levy a financial fees for such “services”. The impact of the ban was almost inevitable increase in the intensity of the so-called “suicide tourism” to Switzerland.

As reported by the Federal office of statistics, in 2014, Switzerland was recorded 742 cases of euthanasia — in 2,5 times more than five years ago. Current statistics indicate that in 2014, euthanasia accounted for 1.2% of all deaths in Switzerland.

Assisted suicide in Switzerland is regulated by the cantons. The trend, however, is obvious: more and more hospitals and nursing homes offer services medical support conscious leaving of life of the people firmly decided to commit suicide.

So, in 2014, the Swiss suicide organisation Exit assistiveware spent 583 suicides, of which 60 took place in the nursing homes. In Basel the nursing home have the right to decide whether they have a service sisteranime suicide or not.

Assisted suicide

In accordance with Swiss law, the Confederation is allowed to assist the patient, who decided to leave the life and he commits suicide.

In addition, you must ensure that the doctor receives from the patient’s death any material benefit.

As a rule, such assistance is organizations. In Switzerland it’s “Dignitas” and “Exit”. In Switzerland is strictly prohibited, so it is a direct killing of the patient even if the patient himself requires.

In Swiss law is the murder referred to as “Tötung auf Verlangen”, literally “Murder on demand”.