Moscow knows how to celebrate, and the Christmas table was breaking from the mayonnaise

For the Russian New year is the most important holiday of the year. Families gather together to enjoy each other’s company. Yle’s correspondent in Moscow, Kerstin Kronwall (Kerstin Kronvall) found that Russians eat for the holiday.

In Moscow already there was a festive decorations, and the anticipation of the main holiday of the year.

Morning TV show for Housewives encouraged to purchase products for the holiday table right now: “Soon the price will rise.”

What Russian family put on a festive table? The same food on other holidays, no matter whether it is birthday or wedding.

Most important of all salads. Young couples even ask, “when are we going to eat a salad?”, hinting at a wedding.

There are three basic salad Olivier, Mimosa and herring under a fur coat. In all these there is the mayonnaise salads, and they are hard to cook because the ingredients have to be cut.

Olivier received its name in honor of the famous French salad, but the recipe has been adapted to the Russian taste and budget.

Mimosa — a particularly beautiful salad because it is served so that the surface was boiled chicken egg yolks. On the table shines like the sun. The salad included inter alia salmon, Apple, cheese and eggs.

Herring under a fur coat reminiscent of Finnish salad with herring, but it spread so that the herring stays in the lower layer. On the surface of the salad put the colorful ingredients such as carrots and beets, and pour on top with mayonnaise.

On the festive table should be cheese, sausage, meat dishes, sweet pastries, fruits, candies and cakes. Best of all, if the holiday table is completely cluttered with dishes, which beautifully laid out the food.

The majority of Russians drinking on new year’s sparkling wine. Before sparkling wine was supposed to be domestic but now those who have money, buy real champagne.

Most on the holiday table to eat tangerines. Before they were brought to the country right before the holidays and they were so expensive that they ate very rarely. On the festive table, they must be present, and in the Newspapers even suggest how to choose the good tangerines.

Although the New year is primarily a family holiday, people all night walking on the street and involved in different activities. Most often, the festive meal eaten at home, and families with children, handed out gifts brought by Santa Claus.

Santa Claus — Joulupukki relative in a blue outfit and in the company of the snow Maiden.

I remember my first new year’s eve in Moscow. Replaced 2003 come 2004. I went to Red square to listen to President Putin’s speech and watch the fireworks.

There was one in the hotel where lived temporarily. Everywhere I met people, most of whom were a little tipsy. Was a joyful atmosphere, there was a light snow, it was very cozy.

My path was longer than I expected because the city was new to me, and I was lost. I asked for directions from two women who was to meet me in fur coats. They told me the right way and wished a good New year in the excessive manner as it can do only Russian.

“May the new year be good for You, may all Your dreams come true, may the new year bring You only joy and good news. We wish You and Your family health, happiness and good luck. All the best and see you!”

PS — my recipe:

I usually buy ready-made salads at the store, but sometimes make my version of a salad. For it will need potatoes, carrots, pickles, eggs, peas and mayonnaise.

Potatoes, carrots and eggs boiled and finely chop. Pickled cucumber sliced, peas, cooked if necessary. I often use ready-made canned peas. Potatoes should be more than other ingredients.

I never measure the amount of ingredients. All put in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, and mayonnaise, so the salad was not dry, but not too greasy.

Bon appetit!