To sue for Ukrainians became more expensive

In Ukraine from 1 January in accordance with the provisions of the laws “On court fees” and “On state budget” has increased fees for filing lawsuits.

Now sue will become more expensive because the cost of living since January 1 rose to 1,600 hryvnia, and court fees are calculated depending on its size.

For example, if last year’s filing for divorce cost 550 UAH, now the same process will cost 640 UAH. A statement on the division of property spouses will cost from 640 UAH 4800 UAH (1% of the claim amount, but not less than 640 UAH).

The lawyers told us, previously, it was rumoured, they say, will now be increased significantly and the rates on mortgages, but in fact this did not happen.

“As for the other claims, then, in my opinion, wanting to sue does not become less. In civil cases, increasing court fees has never affected the number of claims, moreover — some people just love to sue,” says city attorney Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk.

We will remind, the minimum wage in Ukraine since January 1, is set at RS 3200.