In the investigation of the terrorist attack in Istanbul appeared Russian trace

Turkish intelligence services took three days to establish the identity of the terrorist who came in Reina dressed as Santa Claus and shot visitors. Today his capture continued.

According to local newspaper Hurriyet, in the case of the terrorist attack in the Turkish province of Izmir detained 40 people. Mostly immigrants from Central Asia and Dagestan (Russian Federation). Some of them lived in Konya in the same house with the alleged terrorists. In the first hours after the attack reported that the attack was committed by a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. He was quickly detained, but it turned out that the alien arrived in Istanbul a few hours after the attack on the club.

New year’s eve shooting in the night club Reina in Istanbul, which killed 39 people, including 25 foreigners, has enabled Ankara without further explanation extended for another three months a state of emergency.

Today deputies of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey met for the corresponding vote. Thus, the situation with the restriction of freedoms and media, the authorities can detain suspects for several days without a decision of the courts and to prohibit the Noi or the newspaper, will last at least until April 19.

The total duration of emergency imposed after the failed coup attempt on 16 July, nine months. At this point, for participation in the coup already expelled from the country or lost their jobs, several hundred thousand people. The number of those arrested is estimated at 32 thousand. Dozens of opposition publications are deprived of licenses, and journalists were under investigation. As transfers Bi-bi-si, the introduction of the regime and its prolongation are of concern in the EU and the USA. Many human rights activists believe that Turkey uses the state of emergency for the illegal persecution of the opposition.

However, over the last two years Turkey from the safe resort of the country has become one of the most dangerous in the region, where every quarter there is at least one terrorist attack, aimed specifically at tourists.