2016: not a bad year

The predictions of Nostradamus, according to which in 2016 from Christmas and we waited for the collapse of the world economy and a third world war, did not materialize. However, last year was good not only because it could be worse.

Under a barrage of disappointing reports on terrorism, the war in Syria, the occurrence of xenophobia and populism and the triumph of “posttrade” we missed a lot of good news.

Wars getting bigger? Not true: the number of conflicts in the world is constantly decreasing. The volatile region is limited, in fact, the Middle East. One of the most important events of the past year was the agreement between the Colombian government and leftist Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, which concluded 52 years of the war. In Syria and Iraq appeared a glimmer of hope: LIH (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) loses, and the territory which is under the control of the jihadists in two years, fell by a third.

We are in danger of a new war between Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Jews? Possible. But it is worth noting that in Jordan this year launched the first in the middle East synchrotron, i.e. a particle accelerator. In the project participate (please!): Israel, Iran, Palestinian authority, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, and conflicting with each other, Turkey and Cyprus.

The crisis of democracy? Yes, the democratic world in recent years has ceased to expand, however, a positive phenomenon is still there. In Burma appeared first over the last half century of civil government. Austria was able to survive the onslaught of skeptics and not to choose for President the representative of the ultra-right camp. The death of Fidel Castro gives a chance that Cuba will start to change faster. Alarming is the President of Donald trump, but if he was one step away from victory, America might expect the rebellion of his supporters.

The immigration crisis? It seems that the worst is over. The leadership of Germany, not fearing populists and terrorists, took another 300 thousand refugees. Migrants, which in appalling conditions kept in the Islands of Nauru and Manus Australia, will find a new home in America: this decision was made by the Obama administration.
The European Union collapses? The African Union and Vice versa. Two weeks before Brexia he announced that he will start issuing new passports that will allow you to visit without visas for the 54 African countries. While it affects only the VIPs, but in 2018 these documents will begin to ordinary people.

Global warming? Perhaps the time has come and gone, but the world really began to struggle with him. Thanks to the technological progress and the growth of environmental consciousness is now on a global scale more energy is produced from renewable sources rather than from fossil fuels. New members, including one of the main poisoners, China, plan to abandon the use of coal.

In November came into force, the Paris climate agreement, in which more than 200 countries have agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased for the third year in a row. The ozone hole has decreased by 3.9 million square kilometers, and adopted in October 197 countries restrictions on the use of CFCs will help completely eliminate it by the middle of this century.

In July, 800 of thousands of volunteers from India (it is believed that it is enriched at the price of environmental destruction) was jailed for one day 50 million trees. In Bombay beach, has collected four tons of trash. In the US, the largest network of fast food restaurants and food manufacturers stated that 2025 will stop buying eggs from hens kept in cages. In the same year the owners of vehicles with diesel engine will not be able to enter in four major cities: Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico city. This decision was made at the December meeting of their governors.

The Obama administration refused to drill in Alaska and in the Atlantic ocean. Cases of leaks of oil, that result in ecological catastrophes, and is getting smaller: in the 1970s, such incidents in the year there was an average of 25, now — less than two.

The great barrier reef is dying, but last year more than 20 countries promised to provide for the protection of the oceans 5.3 billion dollars. Last year there were 40 new marine reserves. Another species of plants and animals continue to disappear irretrievably from the face of the Earth, and in Africa dramatically decreased the number of giraffes, but for the first time in one hundred years has increased the number of people living on the freedom of the tigers. From the list of endangered species excluded, in particular, the humpback whale, manatee, green sea turtle, a giant Panda and white-tailed deer. In Europe began to return wolves in the United States in the Connecticut river for the first time since the eighteenth century there appeared the migrating salmon, and Yellowstone national Park failed to restore the population of grizzly bear.

Despite civil wars, revolutions, disasters and outbreaks of famine, people also began to live better. In East Asia, the proportion of people living below the poverty line, with 1990 decreased from 60% to 3.5%. Everywhere reduced infant mortality, noticeable progress has been made in access to drinking water, toilets, education.

In 2016, the world continued (albeit small steps) to move forward. The Gambia and Tanzania have banned child marriage. More than 300 communities in West Africa said they were done with female circumcision. Italy was the last major EU member state that allowed same-sex marriages. In September, the Council on human rights at the UN for the first time appointed a Commissioner for the protection of sexual minorities from discrimination. In the US and the UK for the 24th consecutive year, the number of teenage pregnancies.

New research has shown that a ban on Smoking in public places has helped to improve the health of citizens in 21 States. Less developed countries, faced with such common diseases as colon cancer, dementia and heart disease. In the Western hemisphere was an outbreak of zika fever, but in the East this year have defeated Ebola, but scientists say a new vaccine has shown its effectiveness. In the Americas got rid of measles.

This is the first year the death penalty was outlawed in most countries of the world. Yes, the prisons in Turkey are still filled to capacity, but in the Netherlands been empty every third camera: the number of crimes has decreased there in recent years by 25%. Reduced crime in Honduras, which until recently was considered the most dangerous country in the world, and also in the Mexican Ciudad Juarez — the most dangerous city in the world.

The number of hungry people was the lowest in the last 25 years. The world has never spent so much money on humanitarian aid. After the US elections non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of civil liberties, the topic of family planning and environmental protection, noted a record increase in the volume of donations: it was a gesture people protesting against obscurantism ideology trump and his entourage. Even the Chinese in 2016, gave to charity $ 15 billion or 10 times more than 10 years ago.

As they say the interpreters of Nostradamus, this year we are waiting for the clash of Islam with Christianity, which will be mitigated with the help of China. Russia and Ukraine will sign a peace agreement, trump will die at the hands of murderers, jihadists will conduct a biological attack against the West, and then to the Earth aliens arrive to restore order.

So an even better new year!