The crash of the Tu-154: found the bodies of three dead

The bodies of three victims found at the scene of the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in the Black sea.

“From 09:00 to 16:00 GMT during the search operation found the bodies of three dead and about 20 fragments of bodies,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Thus, as reported in the headquarters for the search operations, the number of bodies found has risen to 18.

Earlier it was reported that discovered and raised from the bottom of the second flight recorder of the Tu-154, crashed in the Black sea.
As noted, analysis of data from the first Registrar, discovered yesterday, allows you to narrow the list of causes of the crash, but until you find all the information, to make conclusions prematurely, said a source familiar with the situation.

In Sochi the fourth day going search and rescue operations in the area of the crash of Tu-154. According to the defense Ministry, 223 fragment was found and 17 bodies of the victims.

As reported, the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed on the morning of 25 December shortly after taking off from Sochi, where he landed to refuel. The plane was heading to Latakia (Syria).

The disaster killed all 92 people aboard: eight crew members and 84 passengers – the Alexandrov ensemble, led by artistic Director Valery Khalilov, the journalists of the three channels, the representative of the charitable organization, soldiers and officials.