Six-year-old boy amused adults “vulgar” picture of deer

Six-year-old boy from Scotland drew the reindeer of Santa Claus and amused his picture of adult twitter users.

In the social network posted a picture of the mother of the young artist Connie Bennett.

“I know how much you appreciate the misunderstood children’s drawings. Today my six year old son drew the reindeer of Santa Claus in the stall,” she signed the picture.

@TheUnmumsyMum I know how you appreciate a misunderstood child’s drawing. Today my 6yr old drew Santa’s reindeer in their stable

— Connie Bennett (@Connie_b88) 22 Dec 2016

Users found the figure of cloven-hoofed animals is a bit obscene and suggested that the paper depicts what is happening in the stall at night.

Meanwhile, Instagram users create on the head of the Christmas tree.