The head of the NAB for 11 months earned more than a million hryvnia

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik in January-November 2016 has been credited with wages for a total amount of UAH 1.3 million, and after taxes he received 1.06 million UAH. This was reported in the NEB.

“For the period January-November 2016 Artem Sytnik accrued wages totaling $ 1 million 317 thousand 145,94 UAH”, – reported in Department.

That is, paying all taxes, the Director of the Bureau received 1 million 60 thousand UAH 302 for 11 months.

NABU explained that the salary of the Director shall consist of official salary and additional payments, namely, seniority, rank civil servants and for work that involves access to state secrets.

As reported in the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine has paid its employees during 11 months of 2016 181,5 million.

According to the State budget for 2016, the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine provides 488,6 million UAH, of which 228,7 million UAH is planned for staff salaries.