Summer is near! All we know about the new “Game of thrones”

The first official trailer for the seventh season of “Game of thrones” was not particularly informative. Yes, it is interesting and fascinating, from it are goosebumps. Yes, he has done his job, and you want to watch this season right here and now — you want, what you really want to cry. But the trailer didn’t give us what we expected from him the most: he has shown us a sufficient amount of footage from that show.

Instead, we saw Cersei, Jon and Daenerys grimly roam the corridors and sit to the accompaniment of the song Sit Down performed by the band “James”. In the trailer there was a quick personnel deaths in close perspective, as there was no hints about where in the upcoming season, point your feet the main characters. There was nothing there. But do you think that NOTHING will prevent me from writing insightful articles about the new season? As it is not so.

The seventh season mainly about Cersei, Jon and Daenerys

From the trailer we can understand that in this series the story will be the struggle for power between this trio of pretenders to the throne. The threat of a major war against the King of the Night and his mummified subordinates does not disappear, and accompanies the entire film. Well, the tension’s been building for six seasons, so it is high time to do some fighting.

Jon snow goes around, around and past a large amount of flame

Since the theme of “ice and fire” are respectively the upcoming winter and dragons of Daenerys, this may be a hint of the forthcoming Alliance between John and the Mother of dragons to defeat the King of Nights (with Cersei or not, that is unknown to us). Or maybe just kit Harrington looks damn cool when in slow motion strolls near the roaring flame. Gambling fans bet on the second.

The throne of John in Winterfell, Daenerys on Dragonstone, and Cersei is in king’s landing

Presumably, all three will be to argue for the Iron throne (it now takes Cersei Lannister), but in the trailer they show in the same places where they were at the end of last season: John — the king in the North after the dog’s death Ramsay Bolton (remember — it tore dog), Daenerys, perechitivay slavers who ruled Meereen, and Cersei, who killed almost everyone in the world is Queen of the Andals and the First Men. Maybe in this situation the struggle for the Iron throne will be delayed until next season where she will flare up with terrifying force? We can only speculate.

The three stares into the camera, and then closes his eyes

The implication is that they are staring at each other as people, determined to fight and assess the enemy. If so, war will definitely be. The question is who Cersei will compete in the first place. Daenerys goes to king’s landing. In addition, she is the aunt of John, and therefore, we can assume that she would have to deal with both. But why close your eyes? Maybe it’s a primitive metaphor, symbolizing death? Maybe someone of them will die in the upcoming fight for such a meaningless and ephemeral thing as power? I have no idea. No clue. Well, okay, go ahead.

Visible breath Cersei in the Red keep

It’s probably supposed to mean that winter has finally arrived in king’s landing. It has for many years raged in the North, and now these capital landlubbers understand what was the White Walkers, when they prohvatit to the bone cold. Maybe it’s because of the fact that ed Sheeran, who will appear in a new series, takes close to his “Girl from Galway,” and the air around because of the aversion to drilling the brain tunes freezes to the Arctic cold.

The Eyes Of The King Of The Night

At the end of the trailer, the camera moves away from the eyes of the King of the Night, and some fans with eagle eyes say they have seen a hint in his iris: this image of the destroyed Wall. Well, this should be taken with a certain degree of doubt, because if the King of the Night with his mob decided to attack Westeros, it would be reasonable to assume that the Wall will have to break through. So the logic is ahead of these spots in the eyes. Although, to be honest, no ruined walls I’m in the reflection of saw. Nothing of the sort.

What else do we know?

A little more informative was the trailer for the trailer, which obviously has a right to exist, as the court in 2017. There John says: “Value has only one war: the great war. And she goes”. Again, this is nothing new for us. We know that the first episode of this penultimate season will be released in the premiere show on July 16 (the eighth and final season, which will be released next year, will consist of only six episodes). We know that Jim Broadbent will play Archmaster that Brent Hinds from the band Mastodon will return to play a cameo role that we will again see the Walder Frey (impressive, because he’s dead), and because of the reservations of Sophia Turner, who said she started acting in the eighth season, Sansa stark is probably not going to die.

Anyway, just have to wait. There are only three months. July, hurry up.