Aryev disclosed “interesting details” about Ukrainians on the inauguration of the trump

MP, head of the PACE delegation from Ukraine Volodymyr Aryev disclosed “interesting details” about Ukrainians on the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump.

“Today in Washington, we will see the Vanity Fair of our political elite. Vanity fair on the background of Donald trump. But especially interesting detail. First, no one other than the ambassadors can represent the state at the inauguration, mentioned in the note that the state Department sent to all without exception embassies. Literally: “As in the past, foreign delegations will not be invited to Washington for the occasion. Heads of diplomatic missions and their spouses will represent their governments at the inaugural events.” Therefore, the Ukrainian guests, apart from the Ambassador, represent only themselves”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Thus, according to the Aryans, the most interesting thing: “When you see tomorrow’s photo of a Ukrainian politician or activist with trump during the dinner at the inaugural ball, remember – tickets for this ball-dinner are distributed only between his and among its many donors to the campaign of the elected President. These donors are eager to sell space on the ball (as far as I know, the Ukrainians have paid 200 thousand dollars for a seat at a table near the tramp, a known lady with variable hair, even wanted to buy a table for $ 1 million, but to no avail) and therefore return the invested funds, without the need to go and ask for something from the newly elected President or his administration.”

“So, follow our policies, and then to ask where did you get the invitation to the ball and where the money for all Ukrainian modern Rebecca from the novel Thackeray has satisfied the thirst of his conceit,” added the MP.

Recall that today, January 20, Donald trump officially takes office new President of the United States.