Near a front line in the Donbas should also be elections: statement of the “servants of the people”

The CEC refused the elections in the border areas

The Central election Commission appointed the first local elections in 24 regions, but in the Ukraine-controlled territory near the demarcation line in the Donbas is not covered. In this regard, the Donetsk regional organization of the party “servant of the people” insists on conducting the election process.

This is stated in the statement of political power.

The party recalled that the CEC, taking into account the recommendations of the security forces, took the decision to cancel local elections in some territories along the contact line.

“The Donetsk regional organization of the party “servant of the people” are categorically against the limitations of the electoral rights of the residents of Donbass in any form. We support the holding of local elections throughout the territory controlled by Ukraine in the region. Donetsk military-civil administration and the entire team of the President in the Donetsk region held a series of consultations with the joint forces command and the anti-terrorist center of the SBU to create a safe environment for expression in the frontal areas. We voiced our General and principled elections in Donbass to be held, without exception,” – said in a statement.

At the same time the party realizes that to put political expediency above the safety of citizens is unacceptable, and to put pressure on the military to demand to make commitments, ignoring potential threats.

“That is why the Donetsk regional organization of the party “servant of the people” will insist on carrying out local elections in certain regions along the line of contact emergency immediately after providing the military command of sufficient security guarantees”, – said the political forces and reiterated that at the front the truce and there’s a chance that it will be sustainable.

Recall that local elections in Ukraine scheduled for 25 October. Election campaign “cover” the whole of Ukraine: choosing to be in rural, urban, district and regional councils, mayors of cities. Furthermore, the Parliament changed the Electoral code. As elections will be held in Ukraine.