Zelensky is in favor of granting the Crimean Tatars the status of indigenous people

In Ukraine at the legislative level, we want to determine the status of the Crimean Tatars

President Vladimir Zelensky after congratulations to the builders drew attention to the problem of the Crimean Tatar people and promised to restore his rights as indigenous people of Ukraine.

He stated this in Facebook on the occasion of the International day of world’s indigenous peoples.

According to him, Ukraine is working on the legislative definition of indigenous peoples and the status of the Crimean Tatar people as indigenous.

“This issue is long overdue and we finally have to put it point. I can confidently say – will celebrate this festival of solidarity in the free Bakhchisarai and all around the Crimea”, – said the President.

Zelensky said that since the beginning of the temporary occupation of the Crimea by Russia the question of protection of rights and legal definitions of the special status of the Crimean Tatar people in our country has become even more urgent.

“That is why our common task now is to protect the rights of Crimean Tatars, assist in the full development of language, culture and identity of the people who now can not fully develop in their historical homeland – in the Crimea. It is important for us to do everything we can to restore the rights of the Crimean Tatar people as an indigenous people of Ukraine”, – said the head of state.

As reported “Today”, informed Zelensky has promised the Crimean Tatars a mosque in Kiev and two public holiday. He also initiated the establishment of the Office of the President of the working group, which will deal with issues of the Crimean Tatars.

See also the video of how Zelensky gave the Crimean Tatar flag and he promised to raise it in the Crimea: