Marianne (France): Tamara Samsonova – old potroshitelnitsa from St. Petersburg

“Cannibal” and a polyglot from St. Petersburg Tamara Samsonova, poisoned and dismembered neighbor, and later confessed to committing two murders. Currently, the police still failed to establish the exact number of its victims.

The kind old lady — God dandelion. A slightly confused look, quiet voice. She smiled and handed out kisses to everyone gathered in court at the end of July 2015. The press called it “Baba-Yaga” after the famous witch-ogress from the tales or “Kupchinskaya potroshitelya” (she lived in this residential area to the South of St. Petersburg). 68-year-old pensioner, told reporters a confident tone: “It’s upstairs neighbor. Maniac. She raped me. She’s a doctor. And hair I was surprised that the bruises and cuts, and his knees smashed. It has thousands of witnesses. This was her great joy and sweetness type. She’s like a maniac Chikatilo”.

Then she admitted that she was glad that goes to prison because she doesn’t have to live with myself. A small, frail old lady too big for her red sweater and shapeless sweat pants — that’s Tamara Samsonov appeared before the court. Detained by the police an elderly woman without makeup, dotted with deep wrinkles face and disheveled hair confessed to the murder of 79-year-old neighbor, Valentina Ulanova. A few days before passers-by found near a few garbage bags with human remains. Dogs quickly led police to the victim’s apartment, where they stumbled upon Tamara Samsonova and traces of blood. On the face of “Baba-Yaga” was read almost a relief.

It was all planned

The investigation found that the murder was planned in the smallest detail. Tamara started with what turned off the surveillance camera at the entrance to the building. Then she went to a friend of the pharmacist who sold her a powerful sedative, is usually dispensed strictly according to the recipe.

The next day, July 23, she made sacrifices for her favorite salad “Olivier” is admixed in a 50 crushed tablets. Valentine Ulanova died of a drug overdose. Then the pensioner became a butcher and started cutting the body. “She was too fat”, she explained their actions. Armed with a saw, she separated the head, then torso, and legs. Hands were welded. The pieces she wrapped in a curtain from the shower, and then laid out in garbage bags, which are made in pots near the house. The day was chosen by chance: the dustmen come on Friday morning…

However, Tamara Samsonov never saw the camera so quickly repaired. Her seven calls with garbage bags were immortalized from two different perspectives with 2:20 to 4 in the morning. Old girl in a transparent raincoat with a visible effort carried or dragged along. Once in her hands was a pot that she set on the floor to open the door. The investigation found that there were the head and hands of victims who were never found.


Former employee located in the heart of St. Petersburg’s great hotels “European” for many years did not leave the house at night. The neighbors didn’t love her. According to her roommate Marina Krivenko, she pounded on the panels, swearing at other people, walked barefoot in the stairwell and went outside in boots in winter and summer. In addition, she is mistreated by her husband Alex (he went missing) and sometimes showing him the door. “Crazy,” sighs another neighbor Gennady Boglaev. In 2014, the residents even wrote a joint appeal to the social services. After that she was sent to psychiatry, but two months later she came back…

But why kill Valentine Ulanova, who generously took her in his one-bedroom apartment? “I love Currency”, — she wrote in her diary. Because after moving to a neighbor under the pretext of allegedly comes from her fixation she ceased to hear voices, she explained to the police. However, Valentina is tired of her and told her to go home. Tamara couldn’t come to terms with it, she said she was scared and she panicked. Then she decided to kill.

A Real “Olivier”

Tamara also confessed to two crimes: the murder of the residents with whom she had quarreled. The dismembered body of one of them, who came from Norilsk Sergey Patavina, was found nearby in 2003. The murder took place on the same scheme. Not found the head, hands and internal organs. The police didn’t even bother to interrogate him pass the room a woman… Another victim was never found.

In a cluttered apartment Samsonova investigators found esoteric book with torn pages that were found in one of the bags containing the remains Patavina… Besides, there was her diary in a mixture of English, German and Russian. In it, Tamara described in detail ten murders committed since 1990-ies. She claims to have eaten the bodies of the victims of… Madness? If you believe the sources of the Russian press, there was accurately described a tattoo of one of the victims. The police had questions about the fate of her husband Tamara, who went missing in 2000. Neighbors she said, “with a strange smile” that he went to another. He also tasted “Olivier”? “Baba Yaga” prefers to keep quiet about it.

The press recalls that during the last decade in Kupchino was built a lot of houses. Tamara could hide the remains, because he lives in the area since 1971? Five years after the murder of Valentina Ulanova exact number of victims Tamara Samsonova not installed. In 2016, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and put her in the hospital in Kazan. Since then, she no longer hears voices.