Metropolitan Antony told how fast to those who do it for the first time

Orthodox Christians February 27 start of lent – a period of special and prolonged retreat before Easter of Christ.

According to the information Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Chancellor of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) advises to spend your first days of lent in the Church.
“Orthodox Christians entered into the period of lent, during which every man must look into his soul, thoughts, look at your life. First day and first week of lent is very important. If possible, these days you need to reside in the temple are special mail services. The main task for every person these days is to calm your heart through prayer and thoughtful attitude to everything that happens in the Church,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

Those who this year will be to fast for the first time, the Lord recommends to align its measure with the priest.

“Ecclesiastical rules that determine the degree of fasting may seem to someone very heavy. Each of us has different opportunities for post: someone hurts, and someone has some professional limitations. The main thing is that the post was not burdensome for the person. To feel the joy of fasting, you need to start gradually. You need to be wise in the approach to the post not to break physical health. Christians during lent are not fighting with your body and struggle to person in body and soul was the bearer of the spirit of God,” the Archbishop stressed.

Metropolitan Anthony called on all Orthodox Christians in the period of lent to do good deeds.

“These days we have to pray more often and to do good. Knowing that someone needs our help, the heart is softened. The opinion of a believer who is fasting is always a pleasant sight. Good things, limiting food and fun will help us with joy to meet the Risen Christ of the Savior,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

According to the information Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Great lent commemorates the 40 days of fasting of the Lord Jesus Christ in the desert. According to the Church Constitution in the first days of fasting should be to refrain from eating or drinking in the temple are the guards of worship that help people to tune in to repentance.

Lent will last for 40 days, after which begins Holy week, during which Orthodox exacerbate post. Easter this year we celebrate on April 16.