Gerashchenko: the detainees “vagnerova” can be dual citizenship

About 10 mercenaries fought against Ukraine at the Donbass

Detained in Belarus militants PMC Wagner, part of which Ukraine has already announced the suspectmay have dual citizenship. Despite this, Ukraine will demand the extradition of mercenaries, as they may soon be let go.

This was told on air of the Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

“They are criminals (“vagnerovsky” who fought in the Donbas) and they are according to Belarusian law, must be extradited to Ukraine for trial, so the Ministry of internal Affairs demands from Belarus to extradite these persons, so we can judge these people for crimes against our country. Because PMC “Wagner” is a structure, which is a parastatal, is used for promoting Russian state interests on the territory of Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Libya, it is clear that Russia and its leadership are to defend these individuals”, he said.

“It is the soldiers. Ordered them – they went” Lukashenka for the first time spoke about the detained militants Wagner

Also Gerashchenko does not exclude that the mercenaries after a while can be released from the influence of Moscow in Minsk, and so Ukraine should have time to pick up those who fought in the Donbass.

“Called number nine (detained in Belarus “vagnerova” with Ukrainian citizenship. – Ed.) but the information is still being processed. There may be people with dual citizenship because many of those who betrayed the interests of Ukraine, taking Russian citizenship. Now law enforcement agencies of Ukraine to check to have more information,” – said the Deputy head of the interior Ministry and added that Kiev will insist on their extradition.

As reported “Today”, 29 July was arrested 33 militants of the Russian private military company “Wagner”. All in all, Republic, allegedly arrived about 200 Russian mercenaries. After the scandalous detention of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has summoned an emergency meeting with members of the security Council of his country. At the meeting, among other things, instructed to strengthen the protection of the border with the Russian Federation. First, Belarusian law enforcers have opened criminal proceedings under article organization of the attack, and later changed to a possible organization of the militants of the riots.

It also became known that among the detainees mercenaries were those who fought in the Donbass against Ukraine. In this regard, the security service and the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs, and the President’s Office declared that will insist on the extradition of militants grouping Wagner. Bankova said that the SBU had collected enough evidence against the detainees. Now there are consultations with the Belarusian side.

Russia reacted strangely. At first silent and there was no clear response to the detention of dozens of Russians, then Russia’s Ambassador to Belarus in their defense is that the alleged “vagnerovsky” working for some security firm in Belarus was headed for a third country to perform your work. Followed the Kremlin’s reaction to the detention of mercenaries.