Sasha Borovik has responded to the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship

Former Deputy Minister of economy and a former adviser to Saakashvili Sasha Borovik considers that the authorities have no reason to deprive him of Ukrainian citizenship and the move is unconstitutional. He declared in the comment “Ukrainian truth”.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities have not approached him about citizenship and this topic no one discussed.

“Reasons to deprive me of Ukrainian citizenship is not – after giving me a Ukrainian citizenship I second citizenship was not accepted in the service of foreign countries were not. So if the President really signed something, it’s unconstitutional,” said Borovik.

He also noted that it is abroad and does not intend to return to Ukraine as aware of the impending provocations against him

“In June last year, when I was on a business trip in Europe, I was informed that the SBU is preparing a provocation in Odessa airport – any charges and on bail. Then I decided to Ukraine not to return,” added the former official.

As today it became known from the published leader of the radical party Oleg Lyashko of the decree of the President, Sasha Borovik lost his Ukrainian citizenship.