Cheaper will not: experts explained the high prices of apricots in Ukraine

Some farmers talking about the loss of 100% of fruit harvest

In Ukraine ended the season of cherries, and the buyers set lower prices for other fruits and berries. However, due to the bad weather that spring has hit the crop, the price of “vitamins” remain high. So, the season of apricots this year began on average 8-10 days later than in the past. These fruits sell wholesale at an average of 25 UAH/kg, analysts said Fruit-Ukraine.

“Manufacturers reported a significant decrease in yield of stone in the result of the April and may frosts, and some farmers are talking about losing 100% of the apricot harvest. Market operators expect the price of apricots during the season will be held at a higher level in comparison with indicators of last year”, – experts explain.

Not apples and not peaches: analysts called the cheapest fruit in Ukraine

Analysts report about another difficulty for Ukrainian producers – buyers prefer imported fruits.

“In Ukraine there are local brands of apricot, which would sell their products in individual packaging through the retail network. Moreover, the producers do not look in the direction of intensive technologies of cultivation, which are not only economically profitable, but also help to grow fruit of the highest quality. Accordingly, the market is dominated by imported products, the quality is much higher. It is therefore not surprising that consumers prefer imported apricots, and are willing to pay more for quality products”, – commented the Director of development of Ukrainian fruit & vegetable Association (UPOA) Ekaterina Zvereva.