PHOTOFACT. The cherry blossoms in Japan bloomed early

Over eight thousand trees on the coast of the river Kawazu bloom February 15, and will delight the locals until the beginning of March, writes AFP.

Usually the cherry blossoms begins in late March or early April. But this year in the East Japan warm weather.

Photo: AFP

Because cherry blossoms large blossoms, it symbolically associated with clouds, and in Japanese culture, influenced by Buddhism, represents the ephemeral nature of life.

Despite the fact that cherry trees can be found mainly in the South of the Northern hemisphere: China, Korea, the Himalayas, most trees of this species growing in Japan – nine of the 16 species and a considerable number of varieties.

The cherry blossoms in Japan is celebrated at the state level: the official opening of the Hanami (“contemplation of the flowers”) takes place in the main Park of Tokyo Shinjuku in this part it is not only known politicians, but also members of the Imperial family.