In Spain exhumed the remains of Salvador Dali

A Spanish court has decided to exhume the body of Salvador Dali. According to El Mundo, it is necessary to establish whether a world-famous artist father “clairvoyant” from Girona Maria Pilar Abel Martinez.

“A required biological tests to establish paternity of Salvador Dali Domenech against Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, because there is no biological material or personal belongings on the basis of which it would be possible to conduct the examination at the National Institute of toxicology”, – stated in the decree.

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It lasts from 2015, when Pilar, Abel went to court to establish paternity. She claims that her mother was in the family, but was kept secret by the relations Given in 1955, when the artist lived in the town of Port Ligar.

If paternity is confirmed, Pilar, Abel will be able to claim 25% of the inheritance Given, the total cost of which is estimated at 300 million euros.