CNN (USA): Russia is preparing early to mid-August to approve the vaccine covid-19, but she’s got issues

Russia intends to become the first country in the world approved to use the vaccine for coronavirus, and wants to do it in less than two weeks. However, there are concerns about its safety and efficacy, and there are also suspicions that the country had cut some important corners in its development.

Russian officials said si-EN-EN that they want to approve the vaccine on 10 August, or even earlier. It was created at the Moscow Institute Gamalei. It is approved for widespread use, and the first will be provided for working directly with patients doctors.

“This moment can be compared with the moment of the Satellite”, — said Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian direct investment Fund, which finances the development of the Russian vaccine. He was referring to the successful the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite in 1957.

“The Americans were surprised to hear the sound signals of the satellite. Same with the vaccine. Russia will be the first”, — he added.

However, Russia has not published any scientific data on vaccine trials, and si-EN-EN has failed to check whether she is as safe and effective as claimed by its developers. Critics say the development of a vaccine is under political pressure from the Kremlin, who want to show how a powerful scientific force on a global scale Russia has.

There is also serious concern that testing the vaccine on humans is not brought to an end.

Today in the world conducted dozens of tests of vaccines and a small number of them undergoing a large-scale efficacy trials. However, most developers warns that until it is approved there is still much work to be done.

Some vaccines are undergoing the third phase of testing, and the Russian vaccine has not passed the second stage. The developers plan to complete it by August 3, and then proceed to the third stage of inspections at the same time instilling health workers.

How to speak Russian scientists, so quickly to develop a vaccine failed due to the fact that it is a modified version of the other vaccine has already been created to combat other diseases. This approach is used by many countries and companies.

In particular, the company “Modern” (Moderna), whose vaccine supports the American government, Monday commenced the third phase of testing. It creates its own vaccine against coronavirus on the basis of another vaccine, it was created to combat related virus middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). This helped to speed up the development process, but U.S. and European regulators require to fully test the vaccine for safety and effectiveness.

The Russian defense Ministry said that checks on a person involved Russian soldiers who participated in the tests voluntarily.

In his comments to si-EN-EN project Director Alexander Ginzburg said that he already got the vaccine itself.

Russian officials claim that the approval process of the drug will be expedited because of the pandemic, and because Russia itself has serious problems with the coronavirus. Today, there are more than 800,000 confirmed cases.

“Our scientists are focusing not on being first, and to protect people,” — said Dmitriev.

This vaccine uses adenovirus vectors people who are weakened, so they were not repeated in the body. Unlike most vaccines that are in the process of developing this vaccine is not based on a single vector, and two, and patients will receive a booster vaccination.

Medical management says it is currently compiling scientific data to be submitted for publication and peer assessment in early August.

“Russia took the leading position in the development of vaccines. Its proven platform of vaccines from Ebola and MERS shows that she is able to give to the world the first safe and effective solution to the most complicated global problems,” said informed si-EN-EN Dmitriev.

World health organization declares that an approved vaccine against MERS no.

The Russian Ministry of health has not yet confirmed that the vaccine will be approved for use in August. It States that when a new drug is approved for widespread use, the first preview of the medical workers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

Large-scale vaccine trials are conducted at a rapid pace in Britain, the USA and other countries, but they have not yet announced any timeline for the approval of the developed products.

Preliminary results of tests of a vaccine developed by Oxford University and the firm, AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), was promising, but the Executive Director of emergency health the who Mike Ryan (Mike Ryan) said in early July that “still have a long way to go”.

“This research is the first stage. Now we need to move on to more extensive testing. But the good thing is that at this very important stage of creating a vaccine is used more data and more products,” he said.

This month, the Kremlin denied allegations that Russian spies have hacked into the computer systems of American, canadian and British research laboratories to steal sensitive data about the development of a vaccine.

Russian officials also denied reports that political and business elite of the country, including President Vladimir Putin has already been vaccinated with this vaccine.

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