Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): the story of Odessa by tanker opened all Ukrainian problems

The situation with the tanker “Delphi” has two aspects.

The first is purely commercial. The owner was not interested to pick it up at your expense. In this regard, we can assume that it could be sabotage on his part to absolve themselves of responsibility. Because the owner had previously made the statement that if the next attempt to raise the tanker fails, he will give up the rights and then the ship will become a problem of the state.

Another thing is that in Ukraine there are no specialized professionals and technology to prevent these situations and their negative consequences. To raise the tanker, we need engineers that have to figure out how to do it correctly. But, unfortunately, we have no engineers of such quality and in such quantity as it was before, as this specialty has long ceased to be popular.

The tanker “Delphi” — not the most fatal example. With them, we regularly face in different industries. For example, we have a huge problem with nuclear plants, which ends the margin, and they are also not enough specialists who could of them to fully manage.

Tight in Ukraine and with the construction of bridges, which only know how to cut the money. Take for example the reconstruction of the Dnipropetrovsk bridge, which already takes more time than its construction in the 60-ies. This is despite the fact that it has been more than half a century and radically changed technology.

There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that we can’t raise the sunken ship. Of course, I’m not an expert to talk about how to do the right thing. But, in my opinion, no problem to cut it on the metal and to evacuate in parts, considering that he is already not the first week and all the threat that might emerge from it into the sea, under the bridge.

Because I assume that in the future it still can take out, sawn into pieces (if to raise it is not entirely impossible) or to make it a tourist destination.